Stock - Oppidum
Oppidum believes there is a niche market for super-premium residences built underground and with serious add ons. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Want a below-the-ground fortified residence? If Oppidum has its way, that’s a possibility super-rich investors in the UAE could look into.


Billing itself as a builder of ‘secure fortified underground residences’, Oppidum wants to extend the concept into these markets. ”It is human nature to desire security and protection: we are privileged to offer our clients the highest levels of service imaginable, creating beautiful places that will protect them now, and their legacy, for generations to come,” said Jakub Zamrazi, CEO.

The designs, Oppidum says, are suitable for ‘short and long-term contingency, private business, or even for leisure uses’. It’s clear that the developer is talking about more than just a ‘panic room’ extension.

The units will be constructed within each client’s existing estate, enabling ‘immediate access when required. It is also entirely personal and individual, with every detail designed and delivered to the client’s precise specification’.

“They are places of serenity and absolute safety for owners and their families,” the CEO added.

The Oppidum ‘homes’ provide accommodation, leisure facilities and ‘space for each client’s collections, together with secure storage and self-contained power and water supplies’. And yet, there will be ‘almost no visible trace of its presence on the surface’.

Marc Prigent, Principal Architect and Designer of Oppidum, said, “Every project is conceived, designed, and realised without compromise. Concealed underground within its own domain, it is a place of absolute purpose, engineering integrity and state-of-the-art technology that also offers entirely personalised living environment.”