Kizad Logistics Park Phase 3
All of the available space at Logistics Park Phase 3 has been taken up. This phase, located at Kizad's industrial hub, is scheduled to open before the end of the year. Image Credit: Sami Zaatari/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi’s industrial hub is ready with the Phase 3 work at its logistics park despite distractions imposed by the pandemic. This phase of expansion has already been leased out, which would further ensure the smooth launch of operations.

“There is demand and a lot of customers, and even during the peak of COVID-19 we signed agreements with big customers,” said Mohammad Ghareeb, Vice-President of Service Delivery, Industrial Zone, Kizad. “The Phase 3 didn’t have any delays and it’s going to be delivered on time. None of our development projects stopped.”

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Stocking up

Through these crisis months. Kizad’s existing warehouses were used for ensuring optimum food and essential medicine supplies. “We played a big role to secure the vital food and pharmaceutical sector for the government,” the official added. “All of our warehouses were occupied to support the food and the pharmaceutical [sectors].” Major suppliers such as LuLu are using Kizad.

Trying for that balance

Ghareeb said the UAE wanted to maintain a balance between self-sufficiency and relying on imports. “Every country wants to have their own sufficient supplies internally.”

Kizad would like to see some of its tenants source from within the region rather than have to rely on more distant locations. The disruptions to global supply chains at the start of the COVID-19 outbreak has reinforced the need to have close sourcing points.

“We don’t discourage imports - and exports - because that’s part of our economy,” he added. “We want to bring their goods closer rather than them having to go and get these imported.”