A 30-year land lease has been signed by Emerging World, Pran's Middle East partner, with Kezad Group for the 42,000 square metre area. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The popular Bangladesh F&B brand Pran – known for its fruit juices and noodles - will have a brand processing plant in Abu Dhabi to cover the supply needs of the UAE and regional markets. A 30-year land lease for the Dh110 million facility was signed by Kezad (Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi) Group, and Emerging World FZC, the sole importer of PRAN-RFL Group’s products in the Middle East.

The hub will be built in multiple phases, and eventually spread across more than 42,000 square metres in KEZAD. It will have direct access to AD Ports Group’s flagship Khalifa Port.

With almost a third of Pran’s production capacity from the facility catering to the UAE market, ‘Pran will play a vital role to ensure food security in the region through Abu Dhabi’, said a statement.

“An initial investment of Dh60 million will be made to set up the manufacturing facilities, with production of different food products including instant noodles, milk added drinks, fruit drinks and confectionery products under the Pran brand,” said Hasan Mahbub, Managing Director of Emerging World FZC.

“Initially we expect production revenue to be in the region of Dh160 million per annum.”

The ‘Pran’ label has been a constant presence in UAE supermarkets and grocery stores in recent years. Pran (which stands for Programme for Rural Advancement Nationally) had a leading role in Bangladesh’s agribusiness when launched in 1981, by providing farmers with guaranteed prices. Since then, the Pran-RFL Group has emerged one of the biggest F&B, agribusiness and plastics manufacturers and exporters in South Asia.