Michael Ghaderi and Surandar Jesrani Image Credit: Supplied

The beginning to any journey is from the comfort of your home. Surandar Jesrani, Group Managing Partner & CEO, and Michael Ghaderi, CEO – Aaronz & Co Real Estate sit in for an exclusive interview with Gulf News

“I have always been passionate about real estate and it further grew when I moved to Dubai 12 years ago,” says Surandar Jesrani, Group Managing Partner and CEO. “It was clear to me that I would run a business in the real estate space, it was only a matter of when. My journey into entrepreneurship started in 2017 with MMJS Consulting that focuses on tax, management and related technology services. MMJS now has presence in Oman, Bahrain, KSA and India other than the UAE. My ambition to launch Aaronz is backed by my passion and dedication towards bringing a consultative approach and adding value in the market,” says Jesrani.

However, for Michael Ghaderi, who is a veteran in the real estate market, it was all about taking it to the next level.

“I have witnessed and benefitted from the growth of the real estate market in Dubai. When discussing with Jesrani about starting Aaronz, it was an instant match of minds, and we knew exactly our vision for the company,” Ghaderi recollects.

The Aaronz element

There are many agencies in Dubai, why should anyone choose Aaronz over others? Ghaderi answers: “This was the first question we asked ourselves and the answer hinges on three parameters: team, data and quality. An experienced team backed with data driven decisions who give quality experience to our clients.”

In addition to the above, Jesrani adds, “We understand that when someone is purchasing and selling a property, there are a lot of emotions involved. We would like to understand the ‘why’ and then advise, so they make the right decision and not treat it merely as a transaction. Our focus is to keep the client at the centre of the journey and ensure that the experience delivered is world class and professional.”

Future of real estate, future of Aaronz

The future of real estate can head in many ways, while technology is the key driver, we cannot ignore the much required human element. We closely watch and interact with the proptech developments, which have been growing since 2014. We hope to use technology in the right way and at the right time to improve the experience of our clients,” says Jesrani.

Expo 2020 and its impact on Dubai’s real estate

“Expo 2020 will enhance the vibrance of Dubai. There is no doubt that the real estate market will be buzzing with investors who continue to come from all over the world.

We as a company are very excited and are confident of the success,” says Ghaderi, on being asked how Aaronz looks at Expo 2020 as an opportunity.

Way forward and what to expect from Aaronz

“We are here for the long run,” says Ghaderi. We have an excellent team from different parts of the world assisting clients daily to find the right investment or their dream home. We will continue to do this religiously.”

Jesrani, on his part believes that positive future outcomes will firmly be anchored by the practical decisions undertaken today. “I believe in the quote, “vision without action is merely a dream”, and every action we are taking today is to become market leaders, bring in value and enhance experience for our clients. We are only getting started and have lots of ideas that will question the status quo.”