Stock - Gitex 2021
Keyston went for the deal with IT spending in the region expected to stage a sharp recovery after the pandemic phase. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Dubai: UAE’s tech distribution space with Keyston Distribution confirming the acquisition of Al Masa, the IT services firm. The deal comes with the takeover of Al Masa’s offices, its teams and ‘existing deals with local and international manufacturers’. The target is to win Dh1 billion in contracts.

“We are launching from Dubai a new era in the distribution of various IT products,” said Mahdi Amjad, Founder and CEO of Keyston. “We are fully confident in the ability of our team to strive and innovate modern solutions to achieve an unprecedented qualitative leap in this growing sector, which we have pioneered and excelled at.”

IT spending was around $77.5 billion across the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa before the pandemic, with a growth rate of 2.8 per cent. “The current challenges that the sector faces are due to the increased competition between international manufacturers, the pressures imposed by the supply chains, and the high prices of raw materials, which Keyston is capable of dealing with to maximise the available opportunities,” he added.

Keyston’s distributor alliances include those with Avaya, Asus, Canon, and LG.