Kunal-Jagasia, Managing Director, Symbiosis Owners Association Image Credit: Supplied

Inspired by years of experience in the real estate business

The Symbiosis Owners Association (SYOAM) is a dynamic upcoming owner association management company that understands what creates value in a property. This includes the need to properly manage systems and processes, understanding technical aspects of facility management, cultivating a sense of accountability for all service providers in the building and meeting the needs and desires of unit owners while being mindful of the limitations in efficiently operating a community.

For the second time around, Sunshine Residence – a building that has been under their care since its completion last 2016 – received its Best Building Maintenance award from Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) on March 30 this year. The recognition was given after random inspections conducted by the authority across all 163 properties within the area to check building quality and compliance to regulations set by DSOA. This comes at a time when strict compliance of safety measures following the COVID-19 pandemic is critical.

SYAOM believes each community to be unique, and that a one-size-fits-all strategy might not be the most suitable way to operate and manage a community.

Trusted to manage challenging buildings

Over the past year, RERA has trusted SYOAM to manage some of the most challenging properties to date. Last September 2020, a commercial building in Business Bay was handed over to SYOAM and that was under distress following the disconnection of cooling services. Just six months post-handover, they managed to clear all outstanding balance from the utility provider of almost Dh2.5 million after drastically improving collections to about 80 per cent.

In February this year, the company took over another residential property in Marina whose chillers were inoperable following a major breakdown. Being a team of engineers themselves, SYOAM took the necessary technical precautions to understand the gravity of the situation. Chillers are complicated machinery and SYAOM managed to assess the most qualified company to rectify the issue while putting together a temporary chiller system to restart cooling within the building. All this was achieved while keeping in mind building safety and design.

For its clients, SYOAM has always proved to be astute in handling challenges in the community, be they technical or commercial thanks to its industry knowledge.

Technology friendly and forward-thinking management

SYOAM is known to adapt to the ever-changing property market. The company is tech-driven and believes that technology increases efficiency and productivity when implemented properly.

SYOAM is currently running a test project of an application made in-house, aimed to integrate day-to-day operations of all stakeholders involved in the life cycle of a property. Interlinking property management, facility management to owner association, the application is aimed at helping organisations streamline processes within these stakeholders while allowing more secure and transparent way of encouraging accountability.

The said technology will create a hassle-free communication environment for owners and residents alike while providing an up-to-date database of the building and its community.

Outside-the-box strategy in optimising Service Charge fees

Having interacted with numerous investors and government agencies, SYOAM understands the value of sustainability and efficient use of energy. Improving HVAC efficiency by following industry best practices, retrofitting lighting and training maintenance and housekeeping teams, SYOAM has been committed to out-of-the-box strategies in managing communities.

In several buildings, SYOAM has managed to open conversations on implementing alternative ways to increase efficiency, allowing possibilities of reducing service charges for unit owners.


Here are some insights from some of SYOAM clients:

Great job, thank you for all your hard work and continued support. Finally, we have a great OAM that can now help to take the building to a better place.”

- Ray Hogan, unit owner in a SYOAM building in Business Bay

Hard work and dedication are the bedrock of any achievement. Being a resident of the building and part of the Owner’s Committee, I have seen your true dedication for providing quality service which is thoroughly enjoyed by its residents. I have no doubt that you will continue to receive even more recognition for your valued services.”

- Iftikar Khan, unit owner, SYOAM building in Dubai Silicon Oasis

We are glad to inform you that the payment plan has been completed as scheduled. We thank you for keeping up with the commitments without any delays. Moving ahead, we foresee a long-lasting smooth relationship with Symbiosis OAM.

- Majid K., Manager of the cooling service provider for a commercial building recently taken over by SYOAM after the association managed to clear almost Dh2.5 Million in less than 6 months post takeover