Francis Mendonsa, CEO & Managing Director, Euro Pack Industries Image Credit: Supplied

In an exclusive chat with GN Focus, Francis Mendonsa, CEO and Managing Director, Euro Pack Industries, highlights industry requirements and how his brand is disrupting the rapidly evolving packaging sector in the UAE and the region.

What made you set up Euro Pack Industries? Please share a little bit of brand history.

Euro Pack Industries started operations in 2012 to support the equipment and materials trading business, which was founded in 1998 and operating as Euro Pack Trading Est. The management decided to build the factory in RAKEZ to manufacture packaging materials which would be suitable to run on packaging machines operating in the market and meet the customer demand for high-quality packaging products.

How mature is the UAE packaging industry, how is Euro Pack disrupting conventional models of manufacturing to strike a unique path?

The UAE packaging industry is up to date with the latest packaging trends. Keeping in line with the market requirement, Euro Pack invested in a purpose-built factory following ISO 9001 and 14000 Quality Standards with the latest manufacturing equipment that can produce high-quality and environment-friendly packaging materials. With this initiative Euro Pack is supporting the domestic and regional industry by producing the latest packaging materials that can meet the highest international standards certified by DNV - German Lloyd.

Over the years many MNCs and industry majors have stopped outsourcing some of their packaging material from overseas manufacturers, since they can get the same quality made in the UAE.

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As one of the most established SME players in the industry, Euro Pack’s packaging solutions are expansive, covering a bouquet of services. In numerical order they include: 1. Polycord; 2. Polylash; 3. Handwrapped polywrap solutions; 4. Machine wrapped polywrapping; 5. Clingwrapped polywrap solutions; 6. Adhesive tape solutions with Tapeco; 7. Polytex; 8. Paper core; 9. Polystrap solutions; 10. Quickshrink. Euro Pack has also diversified its product portfolio by getting into the FMCG space by manufacturing home and personal care products including beauty and hygiene soaps, shampoos and more Image Credit: Supplied

What has Euro Pack’s expansion strategy been and how successful have you been in charting the same? Are there any plans to expand your operations beyond the UAE?

Euro Pack has invested over the past few months on new equipment to produce environmentally friendly products that help in reducing the carbon footprint and the cost of packaging. Euro Pack has also initiated a marketing strategy to bring awareness of this new development within the local industry and also focus on exports to Europe and America, where there is a big demand for such packaging materials, and that is presently being produced in the UAE manufacturing unit.

As demand grows and new opportunities arise Euro Pack will plan to invest or look for JV partners within the GCC to develop the business beyond the UAE. In addition to this Euro Pack will be exploring the possibility of opening offices in key markets outside the UAE to support the worldwide distribution network.

Euro Pack’s packaging solutions have been designed and updated keeping in mind the latest manufacturing trends and innovative production techniques in the packaging industry. This initiative has resulted in Euro Pack having an edge over its domestic competitors, and has resulted in short-term profits and long-term benefits to customers as they have the latest packaging solutions to meet their processing as well as end-of -line packaging needs. In the short and long term this has helped Euro Pack to become a pioneer in the field of packaging, and in supporting the domestic and regional industries in offering world-class products that meet international standards.

- Francis Mendonsa, CEO & Managing Director, Euro Pack Industries

How has the UAE supported SMEs such as Euro Pack to make a mark, how critical a role has free zones played in this regard?

Euro Pack acknowledges the support and initiatives from the UAE Ministry of Economy for arranging Growth and Partnership Opportunity Roadshows in key markets around the world. It is extremely grateful to Dubai Exports in supporting Euro Pack through exhibitions at major trade shows, and arranging trade missions to various countries that are mutually beneficial to business development and expanding the growth of the local manufacturing industry.

Please share some information on the awards and citations that Euro Pack has won since its founding.

Euro Pack has received a citation from Reckitt Benckiser (RB) for contributing to the success in launching their brand with new packaging, and received an award in 2017 from Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone for Best Small Business of The Year.

You have been in the field for close to 3 decades, how do you envision the UAE’s packaging sector growing in the next decade?

The UAE packaging sector has grown over the years in terms of technology, size and new product development. At present the packaging industry is going through a transformation phase, from standard packaging products to more advanced packaging, which will see this industry grow further as the demand for low-cost packaging products, sustainable packaging, use of compostable and biodegradable materials, etc. fuels demand within this industry over the next decade and make it a major non-oil growth sector.

How have you diversified your product portfolio, could you shed some light on your FMCG vertical?

Having achieved success in the field of manufacturing packaging materials, the the Euro Pack Group has invested in the manufacture of home and personal care products in the UAE. This includes beauty and hygiene soaps, shampoo and hand wash, detergents and multipurpose cleaning products, as well as hand sanitiser gel and spray, with many more products to join its growing FMCG portfolio.