Dubai: Tejoori Limited, the Dubai headquartered and London's Alternative Investment Market (AIM) listed company, is to invest six million euros (Dh28.67 million) to acquire a 16.7 per cent interest in Bekon, the holding company of a group focused on the development, construction, marketing and operation of biogas, energy and waste treatment plants.

Bekon has developed two proprietary technologies enabling Dry-Fermentation allowing it to design, establish and operate biogas plants.

Dry-Fermentation is a process where renewable energy is created by converting biodegradable waste into electricity.

The two technologies are: 'In-Box Fermentation' which derives biogas from organic material from municipal collection systems, and; 'Circle-Fermentation', which focuses on agricultural waste and products to create biogas.

Biogas is one of the most efficient sources of renewable energy.

Both types of Dry-Fermentation offer significant advantages to the existing widely used wet fermentation process of converting biomass to biogas.

The advantages of dry-fermentation over wet-fermentation include lower operating and maintenance costs, lower water consumption and the ability to use remote controlled operations promoting safety and efficiency.

Tejoori will inject up to three million euros (Dh14.33 million) to buyout an existing shareholding and inject an additional three million euros (Dh14.33 million) in equity to meet the global expansion and working capital needs of Bekon.