Du's main office in Dubai Media City, Dubai. Image Credit: GN Archives

Dubai: Dubai-based telecom operator du experienced a glitch with their mobile network and landlines on Sunday, leaving customers unable to receive or make calls.

In a statement, du said: “Some of you may experience temporary issues with your mobile lines. Please bear with us, our team is working on fixing it."

The telecom operator later confirmed that the services have been restored.

WiFi and mobile lines were reportedly down since 9am, with customers left in the dark as to what caused the problem, or when it will be resolved.

Problems with the mobile network were reported across various areas of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Residents also said that they faced interruptions for at least four hours, with many left without any service across the country. 

Mobile phone users in the UAE took to social media to complain about the interruption on the mobile network.

Subscribers, both on prepaid and post-paid accounts in Dubai and other emirates, including Fujairah, said they have been experiencing issues since Sunday morning, with text messages and phone calls unable to get through for hours.

“I was driving near International City when I noticed I could not access the Internet. I thought it was just poor network signal,” one European expatriate who maintains a post-paid account, told Gulf News.

Some customers who called up du’s customer service have been advised that there was an issue with the telecom operator's billing system, which may have contributed to the delay.