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With the peak summer season fast approaching, here’s some good news to cheer up the growing tribe of Padel enthusiasts in Dubai. A new air-conditioned indoor Padel Tennis Complex, the largest in the UAE, has opened its doors in the city’s Al Quoz industry area 2 – a move that is sure to bring a smile to the faces of fans of the popular hybrid sport.

The eight-court facility – named Padelae – is developed and operated by Padel Planet Sports & Amusement Tracks.

The state-of-the-art indoor complex offers world-class Padel courts and high-quality match-making service, and has been established with the objective of making the sport more accessible and expanding Padel communities in the UAE.

“As everywhere, Padel is riding a wave of popularity in the UAE, with the sport’s appeal transcending die-hard enthusiasts to capture the interest of people who otherwise largely keep away from sporting activities but find themselves drawn to Padel because it is just such a fun and easy-to-play sport, and an extremely sociable one at that,” said Mr. William, Operation Manager of Padelae.

“With eight Padel courts housed in a single complex all built to international specifications and standards, Padelae is set to play a catalyzing role in promoting and further developing the sport in the UAE.”

The facility offers members and non-members a range of services and amenities including more than 60 private and valet parking, separate changing rooms for ladies and gents, Padel Pro-Shop, and a café aptly named The Bandeja.

The needs and concerns of female players have clearly been at the center of the new facility’s planning process and operational approach. From designing women-friendly court space to offering ladies privileged access to having arrangements in place to isolate courts from outside view to safeguard their privacy, every effort has been taken to ensure the comfort and convenience of female Padel players.

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“We are seeing lately that ladies in particular are taking to Padel in a big way, and we have really gone the extra mile to make the courts, facilities and services all in tune with their needs,” Mr. William added.

Members as well as non-members can book a court and create and join a match through the Padelae website and app. Memberships (Gold, Diamond, Platinum) can be purchased online and members get to avail special benefits, discounts and booking privileges.

For those interested in honing their Padel skills and learning the tricks of the trade, Padelae is offering individual and group coaching sessions in addition to hosting summer coaching camps.

For more details, log on to https://padelae.com/

To make bookings, contact 04 547 1981