Hamriyah Steel
Shokrukh Nasirkhodjaev, CEO of Hamriyah Steel Image Credit: Supplied

Construction Steel is one of the most sustainable materials due to its high recycled content and recycling rate. Adopting sustainable production processes in the manufacturing of construction steel is a capital intensive and long term investment but is a promising path to enormous environmental benefits for a sustainable future

In order to help organizations adopt sustainable solutions in the production of construction steel and validate the same, UK Cares has developed CARES Sustainable Constructional Steels (SCS) certification scheme. The SCS is an accredited, independent, and impartial certification scheme that clearly, and simply, communicates the overall sustainability performance of constructional steel products to designers, specifiers, and clients.

Shokrukh N, CEO of Hamriyah Steel, said, " In our mission to be a torchbearer in driving sustainability in our processes and operations for manufacturing of rebar steel, we are proud of the fact that we are the first steel company in the UAE to achieve the coveted Rosette-1 rating from UK Cares SCS certification scheme. Moreover, this certification goes on to prove our commitment towards environment and society by adopting the best practices to seek sustainable solutions"

Hamriyah steel
Hamriyah Steel's factory Image Credit: Supplied

Lee Brankley, CEO of Cares, also paid tribute to Hamriyah Steel’s achievement. “This is a first-class result and rightly recognizes the diligence and focus the teams at Hamriyah Steel have displayed in pursuit of continuous improvement, particularly in the all-important field of product sustainability.

Hamriyah steel is located at Hamriyah free zone in Sharjah and is a leading global producer of hot rolled steel bar for the reinforcement of concrete.