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In an initiative to boost the economy of the Government of Guinea, particularly in the health sector, S J Global Investments, a leading private investment company, provides financial assistance across the globe will partner with Gulf Royal Club to sign an agreement with the Government of Guinea on its republic day that is the 13th of February 2022 at Dubai Expo 2020

The Chairman of S J Global Investments Mr. Peter Samuel along with the Group Managing Director, Neil Walsh is meeting with the Honorable Prime Minister of Guinea Mr. Mohamed Béavogui, at Guinea Pavillion in Dubai Expo 2020 to formalize this agreement.

Neil Walsh,Managing Director of SJ Global Investments just before signing the memorandum of agreement with the Government of Guinea Image Credit: Supplied

Focusing on developing communities

In addition to that, S J's main aim is to help the economically weak communities by aiding financial support "Our main aim is to provide financial assistance across the globe which helps them to sustain and build a stronger and sustainable society" said Mr. Neil Walsh, Group Managing Director.

Partnership with local governments

He also added “We partner with local governments to enrich the lives of people and that is the reason we have joined hands with Gulf Royal Club to work in the development of the Republic of Guinea"

Walsh reiterated "The agreement will not only help the health sector of Guinea but also improve businesses, especially in the areas that are located near the republic of Guinea"

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