ROX 01 Off-Road Caravan
ROX 01 Off-Road Caravan Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: ROX Motors is all set to present the ROX 01 Off-Road Caravan at the Mobility Live Middle East 2024 expo in Abu Dhabi, scheduled for April 30th to May 1st, 2024, the company said in a media release. This milestone follows its successful debut at the prestigious Beijing International Auto Show on April 25th, signifying ROX Motor's official entry into the global market, it added

On April 23rd, ROX Motor founder Richard Chang delivered a comprehensive introduction to the ROX brand concept and product advantages, focusing on its identity as an ‘off-road caravan.’ This innovative vehicle typifies adventure and luxury, seamlessly blending off-road capability, MPV comfort, and RV versatility, according to the company.

The unveiling of the ROX 01 also shines a spotlight on Naser Abdulazeez bin Ahmed, CEO of Futures Trans Motors, the exclusive dealer of ROX cars in the UAE. Leveraging his multifaceted expertise and sharp business acumen, Naser Abdulazeez bin Ahmed has earned acclaim and respect within the corporate sphere, garnering recognition from peers and industry insiders alike.

At its essence, the ROX 01 signifies a paradigm shift in automotive innovation, addressing the evolving needs of modern families and outdoor enthusiasts, the company said. From traversing rugged terrains to navigating urban streets in style, the ROX 01 offers unmatched performance and versatility.

Featuring dual electric motors, all-time four-wheel drive, and specialized driving modes, the ROX 01 effortlessly conquers challenging landscapes, boasting a hybrid range of up to 1338km. Its robust construction, including an all-aluminium-alloy chassis and high-strength body, ensures optimal safety and durability in any environment.

Seamlessly transitioning from wilderness adventures to city excursions, the ROX 01 transforms into a premium MPV, providing unparalleled comfort and convenience for passengers. With its spacious interior, powerful dual motors, and advanced intelligent driving features, the ROX 01 sets a new standard for luxury and performance.

Moreover, the ROX 01 revolutionizes the camping experience with its innovative RV configuration, featuring a tailgate kitchen system, flexible seating arrangements, and premium entertainment options. Whether embarking on a cross-country journey or enjoying a weekend getaway, the ROX 01 offers an unmatched blend of comfort, convenience, and adventure.

Visitors are invited to explore the ROX 01 at Hall 4 of the Mobility Live ME Abu Dhabi expo and experience a test drive firsthand. Since its debut in August 2023, the ROX 01 has garnered widespread acclaim from consumers, establishing ROX Motor as a pioneering force in the automotive industry. As ROX Motor expands its presence into the Middle East market through Futures Trans Motors, customers can anticipate excellence in quality, service, and innovation.