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The Swiss company Akses Swiss GmbH specialized in beauty and skincare launched its new product "NoAge" in collaboration with Prime Health Group in Dubai. The launch event was held at the Dusit Thani Hotel and was attended by many journalists and social media influencers.

The "NoAge" product aims to provide the latest solutions and treatments to combat signs of aging and delay the aging process. The product is safe and effective to use, based on the latest scientific research in the field of beauty and health. Dr. Maiada Magdi Mohamed Abouzid Elsawah, Specialist Dermatologist at Prime Medical Center - Mizha, said, "No age stands out with modern and effective formulations and will have a significant role in fighting and delaying signs of aging."

The product contains 43 active ingredients made entirely from natural materials without any chemicals, carefully selected and tested. It consists of five pairs of products used for five weeks, where the capsule and the vial complement each other's effects. The product was created and manufactured according to high-quality and effective natural regulations and standards.

Dr. Maiada added that cosmetics are the most common and most widely used means of skincare, and the situation is no different in the United Arab Emirates. For example, many people use cosmetics to maintain their skin's health and youthfulness, including face, eyes, lips, and others.

Dr. Maiada also noted that skin care is not limited to women, as men make up about 20 per cent of customers who use cosmetics in the UAE. This includes using cosmetics for skincare, shaving, and hair care.

Dr. Tasneem Jamil Deputy Managing Director and Director Medical Affairs, PRIME Healthcare Group, said in her statement, "It gives me great pleasure to collaborate with a company like Akses Swiss GmbH, which has an exceptional reputation in the field of innovation and development of unique health products. The 'NoAge' product is an advanced and effective technology, and it is an innovative solution for improving health and well-being.

At PRIME Healthcare Group, we believe that sustainable cooperation and partnership are the optimal way to meet the needs of our customers and provide innovative products. Through our collaboration with Akses Swiss, we can offer the unique NoAge product to the UAE community, contributing to raising the level of health and well-being for individuals.

The United Arab Emirates is an ideal environment for introducing and adopting health innovations, and we are pleased to introduce the NoAge product in this wonderful country. We believe that this collaboration will have a significant positive impact on the health and happiness of the UAE community and will contribute to building a healthier and more prosperous future for everyone."

Vita Blanaskyte Satya also pointed out that, "NoAge is an innovative product with a unique composition that was created to help fight the main five processes that lead to ageing. By managing those processes, ageing can be postponed.”

She added: “NoAge was created based on the theory of Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS). He claims that “the ageing process can be postponed by undermining the main ageing processes and promoting the rejuvenating properties of the body.”

Prime Health Group distributes the product in Medi Prime pharmacies and many other pharmacies in the UAE. It is worth noting that the cosmetics industry is witnessing an increase in demand in the UAE, where many people are interested in taking care of their skin and external appearance. The prices of different products vary greatly.