Poland cosmetics
Investors, buyers and producers from prospective markets had the opportunity to come to Poland in search of new business contacts Image Credit: Supplied

Poland has an established position in the cosmetics market with a domestic market worth over 4 billion EUR, which places Poland among the five biggest EU cosmetics markets. Additionally, Polish companies hold a sizable amount of the market exceeding 50% measured in value and over 66% in volume. Poland is also the 5th biggest exporter in the EU and 10th globally. The trade surplus is another way to measure the state of Polish exports — in 2021 it was 36%.

These figures prove the robust nature of the cosmetic business. Trade surpluses have been stable for several years, making Poland comparable to Germany (40%) and Spain (49%). What illustrates the strength of the Polish export position is that every second cosmetic product produced in Poland is exported. Furthermore, globally every third hybrid nail polish is produced in Poland.

Poland is at the crossroads of European trade paths. Its cosmetics market is dominated by family-owned businesses, resulting in an individualistic approach to creating products of the highest quality. In 2016, 63 academic facilities offered cosmetology and cosmetics chemistry degrees, just three years later the number had risen to 73, hence Poland boasts highly skilled professionals.

In 2022, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Development and Technology, two inbound economic missions were organized. Dozens of investors, buyers, and producers from prospective markets had the opportunity to come to Poland in search of new business contacts. The delegation attended the Slavic B2Beauty fair in Kielce in June, and in September they attended the Warsaw Beauty Forum. The economic mission for the Beauty Forum fair consisted of delegates from the UAE, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

The foreign delegates met with several Polish companies: Flosek, Verona, BJB Cosmetics, Cosmiq, Senelle, Yappco, Yasumi, Tenex, Kadorna, Yokaba, Hempae, Mokosh, Bosqie, HiSkin, and Genoscope. The attendees had the opportunity to meet with the Polish companies and visit their showrooms and production sites. HiSkin Sp z o.o. as well as Verona Cosmetics Professional Sp z. o. o. gave the participants a guided tour of their production plants, and Mokosh invited the group to their showroom and presented their products.

The crown achievement of the promotion of Polish cosmetics in 2022 was the national stand at Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai The stand and its staff offered support to Polish companies at the fair in many ways. Blanka Chmurzyńska-Brown, national cosmetic expert, and general director of the Polish Union of the Cosmetics Industry offered her expertise and support at the stand. Three companies also exhibited in a joint arrangement at the national stand:

1. Nano Koloid has the longest experience in the production of nano colloids in Europe and is a pioneer in the cosmetics industry as the only manufacturer of flake monocrystalline colloids using the purest certified precious metals in its products. Nano Koloid offers products with colloidal platinum, which is an exclusive catalyst supporting skin renewal. Platinum nanoparticles have an exceptionally high absorption rate, and when combined with anti-aging actives, these firming and smoothing lines can penetrate deeper into the skin for superior youth-renewing results. A platinum colloid is also used as an addition to cosmetology treatments using ultrasounds or micro-massages.

2. Genoscope is a manufacturer of cosmeceuticals and dietary supplements based solely on natural substances. Its products are available in the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers and in over 13,000 pharmacies in Poland and in over a dozen countries across the globe.

3. Loton Cosmetics is a growing brand recognized in various European markets. It has over 80 products made with the highest quality ingredients for everyday care of hair, skin, body, and nails.

There are several Polish cosmetics businesses in the UAE market. Find out more on www.kosmetyczni.pl.