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Dubai: The Maritime Standard Tanker Conference will hold its sixth annual event, with the main theme being ‘Tanker shipping: Charting a course back to market stability’. It is scheduled for November 23 at Dubai World Trade Centre, with the focus being on the rollercoaster ride the tanker business has had since January 2020.

Clive Woodbridge, Conference Chairman and Editor of The Maritime Standard, said, “The impact of coronavirus and the knock-on effects on the global economy, as well as ongoing political and trade tensions, has made tanker shipping markets very volatile and difficult to predict. Nonetheless, there seems no reason why the tanker shipping business should not quickly return to stability early in 2022.”

The conference will have three main sessions from which it will assess the short- and long-term prospects for the tanker shipping business; highlight the importance of support businesses and services for tanker trade growth and development; and look at how the business can harness new technology and fresh ideas to shape the future course of the tanker shipping business.

“After a period of extreme volatility the emphasis now is on how to bring the market back first to stability, and then growth,” Woodbridge added. “So decisions taken now could have hugely important and enduring effects.”