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Visitors near Hatta Dam. Dubai Police have cautioned the public to make sure children don't go swimming in dams and climb dangerous mountains or cliffs. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Dubai Police have finished all the necessary security preparations to welcome people who would like to celebrate Eid Al Adha in the Hatta area. Colonel Mubarak Al Ketbi, Director of the Hatta Police Station, said the objective is to enhance the sense of safety among the public during the holidays.

Dubai Police have increased the number of patrols in the area to ten, in addition to having two rescue patrols.

Al Ketbi urged the public to concentrate on the roads while driving and not to get busy with their phones, exchanging greetings, in order to avoid serious accidents. He urged all parents to monitor their children at all times during the festive days and be aware and cautious about the dangers of fireworks in order to avoid damage to life and property.

“Parents should prohibit their children from swimming in dams and climbing dangerous mountains or cliffs,” Al Ketbi added.

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He further urged members of the public to abide by the traffic laws and regulations and follow the instructions from traffic police officials. He added that all the necessary precautionary measures against COVID-19, including wearing of face masks and maintaining of social distancing, must be adhered to at all times.