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At Innovation in Business Summit 2022, participating companies showcased business solutions that benefit the consumers and the society Image Credit: Supplied

Innovation in Business Summit 2022 held in Dubai, on October 3 and 4, has concluded upon a high note of endorsing and supporting emerging, technology-based, innovative enterprises. The summit was a two-day event - a conference and exhibition, involving companies from the fields of artificial intelligence, VR based immersive experiential learning, metaverse, blockchain technology and many others.

Sheikh Majed Sultan Saqr Al Qasimi, Vice Chairman ST Group LLC presided the event and appreciated the works of business leaders. He endorsed the works of local companies too. The participating companies aimed at sharing their unique business solutions that benefit the consumers and the society. The companies showcased their services, business models and products to all attendees during the summit program. A powerful message from the organizer, Nousheen Mukhtar, contends, “One of the best ways to deal with disruption is to innovate. When old ways stop serving, test different ways and discover the new – for this very reason, travelers tread the untrodden paths”. She is a Dubai-based-Pakistani business leader known for having a diplomatic approach towards global business trends.

Nousheen Mukhtar organizes Innovation in Business Summit to pave the way for innovators from various sectors, ensuring stronger market presence and business networking. This year blockchain technology businesses dominated the summit. The leaders of all participating companies enlightened an eager audience of investors about their business solutions. There were commendable business pitches marking the spirit of the event. Among leading speakers were Dr. Ojas Kikani CEO of Blockrhino, Dor Givon Co-founder and CEO of Ola Care, Anil Mahiwal the founder of Orangeink, Samuel Vanderpump the CEO of Meta Dapio, Sonal Ahuja the co-founder of VRacademi, Ahmed Al Kindi the founder of Nork, Abyan Fasciolo the co-founder of Cifris NFTs market and Muhammad Abid Khan the co-founder of Repfi Fitness. Lluis Mas, the president of Belobaba, was a distinct speaker in the summit. Vice President of DTech-DSO supported the Innovation in Business Summit by introducing innovative future plans and unique incubation system of DTech for startups.

On the second day of the summit, the Founder of the Future Innovation Summit, CEO of D1 Technologies & LEO Investments, Adnan Al Noorani also shared the stage with Sheikh Majed. He awarded the CEO Nousheen Mukhtar for her leadership qualities and commendable efforts in contributing towards the economic growth of the country. The awards ceremony concluded by awarding all participating companies.

Moreover, Telebionix secured the Best Innovation in Medical Technology Award 2022, while AskWho secured the Best Social Mobile Application 2022 Award. The best pitch award went to Meta Dapio, while the Innovation in Health and Fitness Technology went to Repfi Fitness. These awards and endorsements are certainly an indicator that more achievements will follow in the future as innovation will continue to unlock possibilities and opportunities.