Informa Connect
Ceili O'Connell, Head of Global Training Provider Recruitment Image Credit: Supplied

Informa Connect Middle East announces a partnership with The Digital Marketing Institute, the world’s leading provider of Digital Marketing certified courses. Informa Connect Middle East will offer delegates training to acquire the following two certifications-

• Certified Digital Marketing Professional

• Certified Digital Marketing Specialist – Digital Strategy & Planning

With the help of these courses, Middle Eastern marketers will be able to advance their professions and earn internationally recognized qualifications.

Shabnam Rawal, Managing Director of Informa Connect Middle East, commented, “The collaboration with the Digital Marketing Institute adds to Informa Connect’s extensive portfolio of offerings. It also highlights our commitment to building strong partnerships with key players in the education industry. We believe that this synergy will help us to better understand the needs of those in the marketing industry in the MENA region, thus allowing us to work with the Digital Marketing Institute to provide tailored support and help increase success rates.”

Céili O'Connell, Head of Global Training Provider Recruitment from The Digital Marketing Institute shared, “With a large network of intelligence and expert industry leaders, Informa Connect Middle East is the perfect partner for DMI to enter the MENA region. We are delighted to be collaborating with Informa Connect Middle East as they specialise in creating educational and professional development opportunities for individuals in the Middle East region, thus making them a valuable partner.”

The two credentials, often defined as career-defining certifications have proven to boost marketers’ professions with a staggering 68%, of course, candidates landing a promotion and 62% gaining an increase in pay. Reports suggest that the certification assisted 38% of course graduates to land a new role in Digital Marketing or change their career path.