Khalid Hajj
Khalid Hajj Image Credit: Khalid Hajj

Dubai: The Fursa App, an innovative platform designed to connect high school students with valuable internship opportunities, is set to transform how students gain real-world experience and explore career interests. Developed by 17-year-old Khalid Hajj, a student at the American School of Dubai, Fursa bridges the gap between students and companies, making internships accessible and easy to find.

Fursa, which means "opportunity" in Arabic, was created in response to the difficulties Khalid and his peers faced in securing internships. Traditionally, finding internships in Dubai relied heavily on personal connections. Fursa changes this by providing a centralized platform where students can discover and apply for internships across various fields, including tech, social media, and retail.

Since its launch, Fursa has rapidly gained popularity, with over 100 students and 30 companies joining the platform within weeks. The app's diverse range of internships ensures that students can find opportunities that align with their interests and career goals. Importantly, the app is free for all users, reflecting Khalid's commitment to inclusivity and community service.

"We've already seen incredible growth and positive feedback from both students and companies," Khalid adds. "The response from the American School of Dubai has been amazing, and we've been contacted by other schools to expand our reach. Eventually, I hope to see Fursa in every school in the UAE and possibly beyond."

Fursa is available on the App store and on