Enfield Royal Clinic
Enfield Royal Clinic is a leading cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic Image Credit: Supplied

Enfield Royal Clinic, a leading cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic has appointed Dr. Hany Chidiac, MD, MsC, and AAOT to head its newly launched Regenerative Medicine Department.

Enfield Royal Clinic, in Dubai, is a leading aesthetic and cosmetic surgery clinic offering a variety of invasive and non-invasive solutions for a head-to-toe aesthetic transformation.

Dr Chidiac, an American Board Certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, has over 25 years of clinical experience, specializing in male health, pain management, immune support, Iv ozone therapy, liver detox, health improvement and illness prevention. His primary role will be to provide strategic input and drive the clinic’s increased efforts in Regenerative Medicine, carrying out research to identify the limitations of conventional treatments, and exploring new and effective ways to improve patients’ health and wellness.

Introducing new holistic treatments

Dr Chidiac who has been a successful regenerative medicine practitioner in Lebanon for decades will now be offering a wide variety of holistic health treatments to his clients in Dubai.

His practice tackles the major body functions and organs at a cellular level using a holistic wellness approach to treat chronic pain, joint pain, hair loss, liver toxicity, optimize brain functions, increase healthy blood circulation, and improve immune response and cell regeneration, hence fortifying the body's own natural defense mechanisms.

Expressing his delight at his debut in Dubai Dr Chidiac said, “I’m honored to be part of, and lead Enfield Royal Clinic’s new department and look forward to working with other experts to continue research and implement advanced methods of regenerative medicine for UAE patients.”

Customised Treatment Plans

Dr Chidiac will deploy individualized treatment plans tailored to the needs of the patient using methods of replacing, altering, or renewing human cells, tissues, or systems to repair or reestablish proper functioning.