Peter Davos got to be a senior marshal at Harvard's recent commencement ceremony. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai resident Peter Davos was selected to serve as a ‘senior marshal’ for Harvard University’s recent Commencement ceremonies, which celebrate the graduation of the institution’s undergraduate college and 12 graduate and professional schools.

Marshals play a ceremonial role in the graduation ceremonies. Class marshals are selected by their student peers, faculty, and the administration and help organize and lead the procession of students. The approximately 150 senior marshals are selected from the school’s more than 400,000 alumni and help direct the procession of dignitaries, students, and parents and keep order. They are distinguished by top hats and tails for men, and all black outfits, colorful hats, and crimson rosettes for women.

They carry black and crimson batons (which played a more functional role in earlier days). There is also the chief marshal, who is selected from the undergraduate class celebrating its 25th year reunion,who represents all University alumni at Commencement. “It’s a dream come true for me - every time I set foot on Harvard’s campus, I get goosebumps, as I come not as a visitor, but as an Alumnus and member of this incredible community,” said Davos, who has spent the last 10 years as Head of Hale Education Group.