CSS Founder Mar 21 2023 FOR WEB
Founder and CEO of CSS Founder LLC, Imaran Khan

CSS Founder is a path breaking and globally renowned website design and development firm with a stellar history of building the first touch point of a business with the customer i.e their websites. A worldwide firm working for seven years that is dedicated to website design and development, the company has made commendable growth with their mission of, Website For Everyone.

CSS Founder is helping numerous startups in the gulf region and is a preferred company in UAE for top notch website designing services along with digitizing businesses through focused digital marketing campaigns.

After achieving the title of the best website design company in India, and provides its services both locally and internationally, among other places in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Stockholm, Tokyo, Norway, Toronto, New York, and London. CSS Founder is known for working on projects with esteemed clients such as Samsung, Al Mumtaz Tents, Aqua Pro LLC, Luxor Pen, SteadFast Services LLC, Filter Pro, The Ministry of Communications, Luxor Pen, IIT, Saya, and Gaurs, to name a few. As the business reach of CSS Founder grows through word of mouth, so do their global projects, and after leaving a trail in UAE, the company is set to expand in the Gulf as well.

Worldwide footing

After emerging as the most celebrated brand in their home country, India, CSS Founder has expanded aggressively and is coming closer to being the best website designing company in Dubai. With an esteemed clientele, unfettered attention to detail and exceptional charity driven endeavors, CSS Founder is the charting the leaderboard globally.

As business understands that time is money, it completes all jobs right away. CSS Founder provides a variety of services for an affordable, flexible budget for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The firm offers a number of services, such as web design, email hosting, domain, media, and blogs. Companies deliver outstanding results to customers. One of the most promising and transparent measures for website design and development is put in place by the company on their website called the website cost calculator, which can be used by any website visitor to estimate their website cost using the various metrics displayed.

CSS Founder is known for strategically expanding its businesses across India and then the world even after coming from very humble beginnings. The firm has offices in Noida, Thane and Dubai with an admirable global presence. The company has swiftly captured the market and their expertise has been resounding globally.

Charity is CSS Founder's priority

CSS Founder is a living example for global companies and is leading a trail for their exemplary commitment to charity. They are one amongst the handful of thoughtful companies across the globe who donate maximum amounts of their profits into charity. The company has till date distributed food to lakhs of malnourished and provided dry ration to thousands. They have food vans, which spot the needy to provide food and have taken blessings from millions with their campaigns.

Untiring endeavours

Founded by Imaran Khan in 2016, CSS Founder is the epitome of consistency, striving constantly to improve and excel by taking all stakeholders together. The firm is pushing through in its drive for a website for all businesses and is also fuelled with the passion of providing for the needy. The company wishes to expand the scope of its CSR activities globally with their leading vision and strong desire to be a global brand.

The relentless pursuit of its founder, Khan and his team to feed the needy on Sundays has been commended by several businesses and covered by reputable media houses. CSS Founder has amassed both numbers in growth and the blessings of its well wishers today as they undertake various food donation drives and fulfill their promise of selflessly catering to the needs of the underprivileged.