Alshoumoukh Group
Dr. Ali Saeed Alameri, Chairman of Alshoumoukh Group Image Credit: Supplied

Dr. Ali Saeed Al Ameri, Chairman of Alshoumoukh Group, stated that the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition 2022 was an important occasion to enhance Abu Dhabi's global position in the oil and gas industry, especially with the important and rapid developments on the economic and geopolitical levels.

He stressed the importance of investments in exploration and development operations in the Arab Gulf states, especially in the UAE, which enhances the confidence of national and foreign companies in the sector, and drives growth and expansion.

Dr. Al Ameri confirmed that the oil and gas companies have resumed their efforts in the field of exploration, drilling and development, and their tendency to use modern technological methods in drilling and exploration operations has helped a lot in reducing costs and time, and enabling companies to achieve better performance.

Dr. Al Ameri stated that Alshoumoukh Group succeeded in achieving a positive performance during the first nine months of this year, as a result of investing in advanced technology.

He added also that the group is taking confident steps towards the future, stressing the importance of giving priority to national oil companies in tenders and project implementation, as Emirati companies were able to enhance their capabilities and services, and embrace skilled and experienced cadres.