Nissan Ariya
The Ariya will also be one of the first models to kickstart Nissan's turnaround plans. Image Credit: Nissan

Dubai: Nissan has introduced the Ariya, its all-new electric crossover SUV.

Fitted out with a 100 per cent electric powertrain, it will go on sale in Japan mid next year (priced around $46,000, or 5 million yen), and then introduced in Europe, North America and China.

The Ariya has an estimated range of up to 610 kilometers.

“It enables you to go further, easier and in comfort,” said Ashwani Gupta, Chief Operating Officer. “The Ariya is designed to impress, and to express what Nissan strives for – making our customers’ lives better.”

The Ariya was beamed to a global audience during a live-streamed event at the new Nissan Pavilion in Yokohama.