Manu Thomas, General Manager, Commitbiz Management Consultants Image Credit: Supplied

Manu Thomas, General Manager, Commitbiz Management Consultants, highlights the USP of the management consultancy while speaking exclusively to GN Focus.

What is the unique advantage that Commitbiz offers prospective clients seeking assistance in setting up business in the UAE?

Trust is the foundation of everything we do here at Commitbiz. The UAE is one of the most popular business set-up destinations in the world. Consequently, thousands of companies start here every year.

We’ve been a part of this market for over a decade now, and understand the business landscape. We see our client as a family member, and treat their business like ours. Our focus, thus, is on helping businesses with sustainable and long-term solutions at the most cost-effective price.

Please share the brand’s service portfolio and information on some of your value clients.

We provide management advisory services to enterprises in the private, public, manufacturing, service, government and non-governmental sectors. We have over 3,000 happy clients. Over the years, we have developed comprehensive capabilities in several functional and specialty segments and have emerged as the chosen partner in several innovative and path-breaking initiatives undertaken by various businessmen across the world.

A few of our clients are Zomato, the Manipal Group, Albatross, Makati Express, Cignetix, Edelweiss Beauty Center, Amigos, Goumbook and Lake Consulting.

How do you see the SME sector evolving during and after the Covid crisis and how well placed is Commitbiz in servicing clients in these times?

After a couple of years, the world would view Covid as a bittersweet phenomenon. It has indeed caused colossal loss of life and economy, but has also paved a new way for businesses, especially in the SME sector. We’ve been pushed into an emergency where businesses need to rely exceedingly less on physical transmission. Therefore, digital transformation would be accelerated.

We wholeheartedly embrace and utilise this trend. In fact, it’s always been our endeavour to make the business set-up process as efficient and seamless for our clients - through e-commerce enablement and our new bank account opening services.

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