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Nina Moraes is a veteran consultant as far as Dubai’s commercial real estate sector is concerned. She is currently the co-founder of JNM Specialists and has capably contributed in shaping the growth of the company. Being in the business for over 15 years, Nina has exceptional knowledge about Dubai’s real estate market and has built a trusted name within the industry. Her eye for detail and research-based approach have won her the admiration of many renowned clientele looking to set-up shop in Dubai.

So, if you are apprehensive about making the right decisions on investing or renting any commercial assets such as retail shops, showrooms, or offices in Dubai, Moraes and her team at JNM Specialists are the go-to consultants for you.

What defines JNM Specialists as a unique real estate solutions provider here in the UAE?

JNM Specialists is the most sought-after brand, dominating the commercial real estate business in DMCC. With a professional team of expert brokers, JNM Specialists offer the best solutions for commercial real estate in the region. What sets us apart from other players in the same business, is our continuous endeavour to achieve excellence through innovative strategies backed by in-depth foresight into market analysis. Our passion for client servicing has led us to achieve remarkable sales records and earn a long-lasting portfolio of happy customers. JNM is indeed the best consulting firm, offering clients in-depth market knowledge related to luxury developments all over Dubai including hospitality assets, plots and building acquisitions.

Please highlight some of the special projects that JNM has outlined for delivery within the next couple of years.

Dubai is a hub for trade and commerce and is ranked fairly high among preferred investment destinations across the globe. Its best-in-class lifestyle and stable business returns make it an attractive market for locals, as well as foreign entrepreneurs and business ventures. JNM Specialities has been instrumental in acting as a catalyst to smoothen the process further by providing ease of doing business to budding corporates by taking care of the initial set-up phase, which includes major decisions like purchasing assets in the commercial hubs of Dubai. As of today, JNM focuses on reaching out to more audiences.

JNM stakeholders are focused on developing newer technologies, both front and back end to reach and engage with their discerning clientele. We have invested hugely in developing these technologies and the launch is expected to start in September 2021. The most awaited launch of our website is on the horizon, embarking on a more promising future.

What are JNM Specialists’ expansion plans and as its lead, how do you plan to steer the brand in a new direction?

We are extremely excited and positive of venturing into the luxe residential market of Dubai. Much needs to be explored in the luxury residential segment and clients are to be made aware of the attractive investing proposition and returns of luxury real estate deals in Dubai.

JNM has been focusing on building a dedicated luxury residential vertical team that caters exclusively to the luxury high-end developments of the city. This will soon be achieved by the launch of the website. As we know, commercial and residential are two extreme ends of real estate business and we are quite confident that our success as a commercial breakage entity will flow in the same direction to our residential venture.