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Interview with Andrew Fundell, Chief Commercial Officer, GC Partners

GC Partners
Andrew Fundell, Chief Commercial Officer, GC Partners Image Credit: Supplied

What is the strategy behind the unification of GCEN and GCS into GC Partners? How does it help the firm deliver bespoke forex services that are designed to be quick, reliable and secure?

In March this year we announced the launch of GC Partners — bringing together our private and corporate FX business, GCEN, and our custody business, GCS, under a single employee-owned specialist financial services provider. Our 100,000 private and institutional clients now benefit from our global expertise and scale under a single regulated entity offering market-leading exchange rates and service.

We recognise that each client has unique requirements — our bespoke services are therefore vitally important. We do this by developing our own proprietary technology, employing expert teams across our global network of offices and our regulated custody offering — we’re able to offer clients an unrivalled service on paper and in practice.

Interview with Grant Henderson, Head of Dubai, GC Partners

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Grant Henderson, Head of Dubai, GC Partners Image Credit: Supplied

What services do you offer in the UAE market? Why should customers in the local market choose GC Partners to send money overseas?

We’ve served the UAE market for over 13 years, opening our Dubai office in 2006. It’s a market we have a deep understanding of and one where we primarily serve private clients sending money overseas.

From a substantial one-off property sale to regular ongoing payments, we have a significant client base in the region using our services for fast, secure payments both online and in person. As well as our significant private client base, we’re increasingly servicing institutions with hedging, mass payments, and client money and investment services.

Whether you’re a private client or a large firm, our UAE clients can rest assured that, with a $5 billion transaction turnover across 400,000 payments, we have the scale and the expertise to deliver the very best results.