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First Class customers have relished 122,000 large gourmet chocolate boxes. Image Credit: Emirates

Dubai: Dubai’s flagship carrier, Emirates, revealed Wednesday that passengers have consumed a whopping 45 million luxury chocolates onboard its flights.

Emirates said it serves artisan chocolate as a meal service in all classes to 140 destinations worldwide. “Over the last year, Economy Class customers have consumed 36.3 million chocolates, while customers in the newly launched Premium Economy Class have enjoyed 322,000 chocolates,” the airline said in a statement.

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“In Business Class, customers have indulged in 8.2 million chocolates – while First Class customers, who have access to unlimited chocolates and are invited to take away some of their favourite flavours, have relished 122,000 large gourmet chocolate boxes,” said Emirates.

Emirates said it collaborates closely with connoisseur chocolatiers from around the globe and rotates the chocolate onboard every three months. Currently, French chocolatier Valrhona’s sweet treats are being served inflight.

STOCK Emirates Chocolates
Emirates partnered with Valrhona to create a bespoke luxury chocolate box for First Class customers. Image Credit: Emirates

Valrhona was established in France in 1922 by pastry maker and confectioner Albéric Guironnet. Emirates partnered with Valrhona to create a bespoke luxury chocolate box for First Class customers, which is offered after meals onboard. Zeyneb Larabi, Global Travel Retail Director of Valrhona, said, “This collaboration goes beyond offering a delightful product; it creates lasting memories for customers enjoying the Emirates experience.”

A world of chocolates

Emirates serves chocolates from Bateel, Coco Jalila, Forrey and Galland from the UAE, Butlers from Ireland, Godiva, Canonica and Neuhaus from Belgium, Pacari from Ecuador, and Hotel Chocolat from the UK.

Emirates said the chocolate brands are selected for a multitude of reasons, including their content, whether dark, milk or white chocolate, bonbons, pralines or truffles, with fillings of creamy ganache or tangy fruit, as well as the taste and texture component, brand recognition, current trends and sustainable sourcing. Emirates said it also serves its passengers chocolate desserts and hot chocolate from the menu.