Routine public announcements such as boarding calls and last calls for passengers will be done away with at Abha International Airport. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Abha International Airport has announced its transition to become the first silent airport in Saudi Arabia, eliminating routine public announcements such as boarding calls and last calls for passengers.

The initiative, announced on Thursday, aligns with global best practices observed at major international airports including Singapore Changi, Zurich, Amsterdam, and London City.

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The decision to cease traditional loudspeaker announcements is intended to create a more serene and less noisy environment within the airport premises.

Instead of audible calls, all flight-related information will now be communicated through flight display screens and at boarding gates prior to passenger boarding.

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An extensive awareness campaign will be launched to educate travellers about the new silent airport protocols, featuring multilingual information boards and electronic notices.

Furthermore, the airport will introduce a specialised voice call system in the coming months, reserved exclusively for emergencies or critical updates like flight cancellations or significant delays.

Abha Airport’s management has expressed its hope that this move will enhance the travel experience, encouraging passengers to rely more on visual cues and digital information for a smoother, quieter journey.