Arabian Farms
Image Credit: Supplied

As the world marks World Poultry Day, Arabian Farms takes the opportunity to rededicate itself in setting new benchmarks in the poultry sector in the UAE with its innovative and sustainable approach to poultry farming. We are committed to enhancing the UAE’s food security by providing the best quality chicken and eggs to people across the country.

Arabian Farms is one of the largest and most reliable shell egg producers in the GCC. As the leading poultry company in the UAE operating farms in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, we have been providing high-quality poultry products — fresh, nutritious and safe chicken and eggs under the brand SAHA — to our valued customers across the country for over 30 years, with a total egg production capacity of over 270 million per year, and over 4,500 tons of monthly feed mill capacity.

The tagline of Arabian Farms— Freshness fueled by innovation — highlights the changes in the poultry trends and vision that drives our business model. With a strong focus on innovation, sustainability and goodness, Arabian Farms uses advanced technology and sustainable farming practices to ensure the health and welfare of its birds, and quality of chicken and eggs, and reduce the environmental impact.

Our farms and packaging plants have state-of-the-art facilities that ensure optimal care for the birds and unmatched hygiene and quality of our products. We offer a wide varieties of wholesome premium eggs such as Omega 3, pasteurised, Lutein, Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E and Eco eggs, as well as regular eggs that are rich in key nutrients and full of natural flavours.

Our chickens are 100 per cent vegetarian-fed, and are given a non-GMO (genetically modified organism) diet. The SAHA chicken products are 100 per cent safe and nutritious, as they are free from injected hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and preservatives.

On the occasion of World Poultry Day, Arabian Farms wishes you all a healthy and happy life.