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The landscape of global technology is witnessing a seismic shift, underscored by the latest financial earnings reports by leading global tech corporations, such as Nvidia.

The reports reveal a compelling story: companies at the forefront of AI are not just thriving; they are setting new benchmarks for financial performance. This trend is a clear indicator of AI's transformative power, not merely as a technological advancement but as a fundamental driver of economic growth.

As governments, businesses and entire industries try to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, AI has emerged as the linchpin of success for those who master it. From enhancing operational efficiency to unlocking new markets and creating unprecedented customer value, AI is the engine propelling tech companies to new heights of profitability and market capitalization.

Real-use take up of AI

The successful earnings have sent a powerful message to businesses across the globe. The strategic integration of AI across their diverse portfolios showcases the versatility and scalability of AI applications. The earnings indicated a surging demand across numerous industries and sectors for AI-driven solutions, with many companies surpassing financial expectations.

As we delve into the implications of those successes, it is an opportune moment to cast our gaze toward the UAE, which as a nation, belongs to a select international group of early adopters. Grasping its enormous potential as early as 2017, which is long before generative AI played the imminent role it plays today, the UAE appointed the world’s first Minister of State for AI and adopted a forward-thinking AI strategy.

As a result, the AI-market continues to hold great potential for the country’s diversification goals, with recent research pointing in the same direction. According to estimates, AI is projected to generate a staggering $320 billion by 2030 for the Middle East, with the UAE expected to

experience the most significant impact with a 14 per cent contribution to the country's GDP, amounting to a projected $97 billion.

A ‘testbed’ for AI

In the UAE, we are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this trend. Personally, I agree with His Excellency Omar Al Olama’s comments, who recently said at the World Governments Summit that the country is ready to become a testbed for AI development and regulation.

Aligned with these market predictions, there are numerous companies in the region already capitalizing on AI-driven solutions, including our own. As local companies harness the power of AI-driven technological advancements, their sustained success will remain a cornerstone of economic growth, mirroring the achievements observed in leading tech companies globally.

The transformative impact of AI extends across government and businesses alike, fundamentally reshaping economies that prioritize its adoption and integration.

As we applaud the remarkable strides made in AI-driven earnings, we are witnessing the dawn of a new era, not just for the tech giants but for the industry and economies at large. The UAE, with its bold vision and strategic initiatives, is harnessing the potential of AI and shaping a future where innovation knows no bounds and prosperity knows no limits.

The writer is Managing Director of ADX-listed Bayanat.

- Hasan Al Hosani

Hasan Al Hosani

The writer is Managing Director of ADX-listed Bayanat.