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Revamp your regimen with these sustainable beauty alternatives, from refillable soaps to reusable undereye masks. Image Credit: Shutterstock

A plethora of beauty products circles our online feeds daily. From weekly trends to viral drops, it's not unusual to want to constantly better our routine for the best results. But if the multiplying plastic bottles, tubs and tubes on the vanity are making you rethink your decision, then you can pivot, and adopt a sustainable beauty routine, instead.

The change doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can be as minuscule, yet impactful, as swapping plastic cotton buds with a bamboo alternative, and saying no to disposable razors, mesh loofahs and other items around the bathroom. Clean beauty is simply coming up with eco-friendly alternatives for microplastics, single-use items and synthetic chemicals.

Dubai-based beauty influencers like Miriam Abadi, an entrepreneur and founder of online wellness platform TRU And Beyond, are actively shuffling their own regimens for the better. We tapped into Abadi's list of easy sustainable swaps to make, this year.

"When it comes to clean beauty, there's no set definition nor clear guidelines. I would say, do your research and look at brands that are truly responsible in terms of animal cruelty, overconsumption, packaging and sourcing," she advised.

Abadi is fond of repurposing skincare and makeup containers as charming vases for the house. "I prefer a brand that sells their product in glass containers - they can get heavy but make so much more sense than plastic," she added.

A less wasteful mindset also extends to cutting down multiple-step skincare routines. Abadi says to shop for items that we know will not be banished to the shelf after a few uses. Then come refillable shampoos and handwash soaps, which encourage you to stick to perfectly functioning old containers.

We compiled more of Abadi's innovative hacks below, so pick the sustainable swap that calls to you today. Shop with Amazon Prime for quick, same or next-day delivery.

1. Best for Repurposing: Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow BHA + PHA Pore-Tight Facial Toner (150ml)

K-beauty skincare brand Glow Recipe takes pride in its beautifully deisgned glass bottles, which are made from recycled materials. Abadi loves their Watermelon Glow toner as much as the 150ml bottle it comes in. Switch to a toner that is free of parabens, mineral oil, sulfates and alcohol, and is completely vegan. Wielding the power of two exfoliants BHA (beta hydroxy acid) and PHA (polyhydroxy acid), this hydrating toner soothes the skin while unclogging pores. Once you're out of the product, the tall container makes for the best quirky bedside decor, when stuffed with fresh blooms.

2. Best Reusable Pads: Sweet Adeline Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, 18 pieces

Swap disposable cotton pads with reusable fabric that's just as gentle on the skin. "Reusable pads can be washed, laid out to dry, and then used again. I actually find them softer. After a long day at work, removing makeup with these just makes you feel better," said Abadi. Our pick is a set of three different fabric types, consisting of soft velour pads, scrub terry pads and bamboo charcoal pads. You get an organic mesh laundry bag for washing in bulk. Reviews attest to how well the pads cleanse the face, even removing dead skin cells at times, and hold up well to repeated washes.

3. Best Refillable Soap: Method Foaming Hand Soap, Sweet Water Scent

Get a family pack of your go-to hand soap to refill existing pump bottles. Or, you can opt for this bundle by Method Hand Soap that includes a dispenser and a recyclable refill tub, made with plant-based, biodegradable cleansers. Available in the scent Sweet Water, which is a mix of grapefruit, lemon leaves and lily of the valley, the soap dispenser can be refilled up to three times. Once you've run out, you can always get more refill tubs of various scents by Method.

4. Best Reusable Washcloth: AbuQ 2 Pieces African Net Sponge

Hang up synthetic loofahs and instead, opt for breathable African wash nets. These 100 per cent nylon washcloths are made with extra resin, so they're durable against multiple uses. While loofahs are a breeding ground for bacteria by design, these nets have no crevices and can be tossed into the washer right after, drying instantly. Exfoliation is excellent, say happy reviewers, which leaves your skin buttery smooth. Plus, the long net goes places where your sponge may not, they add.

5. Best Reusable Eye Mask: Pacifica Beauty Reusable Undereye + Brow Mask 

Abadi loves sealing in her eye creams and serums with a reusable undereye mask. According to her, "it locks in the product for a longer time and produces bright under eyes". In this set by Pacifica Beauty, you get a pair of undereye masks and a brow mask, both boasting a vacuum-like seal. They're formulated without parabens, petroleums, mineral oil and are completely vegan. The masks come in a breathable storage tin, where they go after washing. Reviewers say the set has helped them save on disposable masks and stick well over serums as long as they're dried carefully.

6. Best Multipurpose Makeup: Ilia Beauty Multi-Stick - At Last

Multipurpose beauty products not only reduce the clutter in your bag but are kinder to the planet as well. Ilia's multi-stick uses ethically sourced beeswax, shea butter, avocado oil and orange peel wax to create a creamy formula that doubles as blush and lipstick. It leaves a natural sheer glow in its wake and can be reapplied easily on the go. Do check out our K-beauty multi balm picks for more options.

7. Best Natural Beauty Tool: Mount Lai The Jade Gua Sha Tool

Streamlining your beauty regimen could also mean fewer trips to the salon. Abadi recommends the gua sha tool for high reusability, a lifting stone for home facials that can be washed and used frequently. This jade gua sha tool by Mount Lai is thick, cool to touch and glides along the contours of the face well, say reviewers. They've used it to reduce puffiness in the mornings, relieve sinus discomfort and massage the face with oils.

8. Best Refillable Deodorant: Fussy Natural Refillable Deodorant (Night Tales Floral)

A natural deodorant that you won't have to toss out once you run out - Fussy's plastic-free refills decompose in the bin or in your garden, so the original case can stay with you for as long as you like. The fragrant formula is 100 per cent natural, meaning no aluminium, parabens or sulfates are added. Its probiotic ingredient neutralises odour-causing bacteria and combats them with rose, cedar, cinnamon and patchouli scents. Reviews say the deodorant leaves no white marks on clothes and glides over the skin smoothly.

9. Best Metal Razor: Bambaw Rose Gold Double-Edge Safety Razor

Disposable plastic razors come in attractive bundles and end up in the bin soon after. Swap the pack out for this single metal shaver by Bambaw, where all you need to replace is the actual blade within. Its weight helps with an effortless glide against the skin, so there's less chance of injury. Your order doesn't come with the blades, however, any double-edged razor will do. Buyers say making the switch from lightweight razors is tricky but worth it for cutting out plastics in the long run.

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