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From silk eye masks to bamboo sheets, here's what a sleep expert recommends for optimal rest in the summers. Image Credit: Shutterstock

For some of us, sleep becomes elusive during warm summer nights. It doesn't matter if the air conditioner is up and running. We take sweaty pyjamas and a damp brow as part and parcel of the season. Luckily, easy tweaks to the bedroom can gift you a cooler, better-quality slumber.

When we speak of sleep quality, several factors come into play. Anything that interrupts our rest, including feeling too hot or too cold, can stop the body from repairing itself and consolidating memories overnight, says Dr Shadi Sharifi, MD, neurologist and French-certified sleep medicine specialist at Saudi German Hospital Dubai.

"The quality of sleep is more important than the duration of sleep. With good quality rest, you can reach deep sleep stages three and four, which are important for our body to heal from inflammation, pains and other problems. It also consolidates memory. Any factors that maintain our sleep pattern without causing fragmented rest, can help us rest better," said Dr Sharifi.

sleep stock
Let your body's temperature drop to optimal digits, by adding external sleeping aids to the room. Image Credit: Unsplash/Dmitry Ganin

An uncomfortably warm bedroom wakes us up, disrupting the quality of our sleep. According to our sleep expert, 22 degrees Celsius is the Goldilocks temperature for a restful shuteye - it's neither too hot nor too cold, but still a little chilly.

Being mindful of our bedtime attire (lightweight, loose-fitting pyjamas are ideal), lowering the humidity in the room, and adding cooling products, can all help beat the heat.

It's not just our environment that needs tweaking. Sometimes, bodies will generate more heat as a result of habits, namely eating heavy meals and exercising right before bed. A higher temperature, then, ends up sending mixed signals to the body's internal clock, keeping us awake.

Dr Sharifi explained: "Our bodies change temperatures according to the 24-hour circadian rhythm. It goes up and down by one degree Celsius throughout the day, decreasing naturally at bedtime. This thermoregulation is very important, as it preserves the body's energy and helps us sleep refreshed."

It's all about avoiding any hikes in body warmth at a time when we're supposed to be cooling off, to enter the perfect slumber. Try your hand at cooling sheets, eye masks, dehumidifiers and other aids, to rest unperturbed throughout the night, this summer.

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1. Best Cooling Sheets: Naturefield Bamboo Bed Sheet Set (4-Piece)

Dr Sharifi recommends naturally cooling fabrics for the bed and attire, such as bamboo and cotton. She says that they wick moisture away from the skin. Try this Naturefields bamboo bedsheet set, which comes in twin, queen, full and California king sizes. Its silky and smooth texture is highly absorbent, preventing night sweats, and regulating body temperature. Each set consists of four pieces - a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases - so you're cocooned in a chill embrace from head to toe. Reviewers vouch for the excellent silky quality with 4.5 stars, and love that these sheets don't crease even after a wash. They find themselves sleeping better and deeper because of its cooling effect on the skin.

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2. Best Cooling Pillow: Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Opt for medical-grade pillows that can help with neck pain and keep you cool, says Dr Sharifi. Weekender's memory foam pillow is infused with a temperature-regulating gel. On one side, the pillow is cool to the touch for dissipating body heat, while the other side is neutral. The cover has a ventilated design that also aids in air circulation throughout the night. Thanks to its mid-loft design, the pillow is suitable for back, stomach and side sleepers. Buyers say that it keeps the shape without getting lumpy, and like that it's for all seasons.

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3. Best Dehumidifier: Pro Breeze Dehumidifier


  • Set target desired humidity level
  • Small tank capacity makes draining water easier
  • Compact design
  • Auto shut-off when tank is full
  • 24-hour timer


  • Can be loud for light sleepers

A dehumidifier can be surprisingly effective in keeping you cool. It extracts excess moisture from the room, says Dr Sharifi, and, in turn, improves your AC unit's cooling. Pro Breeze's 12-litre dehumidifier is our best pick for bedrooms for its capacity. You can set your target desired humidity level between 30 to 80 per cent, and then let the unit works its magic while you sleep. It shuts off automatically once the 1.8-litre water tank reaches full capacity. There's a dedicated sleep mode for quiet operation with a 24-hour timer, too. According to reviewers, the 40-decibel noise level can be soothing in the background, though light sleepers may not be of the same opinion. They add that the unit makes their bedroom cool and refreshed. It's also lightweight enough to roll to wherever you need it.

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4. Best Electric Fan: Midea Pedestal Stand Fan


  • Tilts, oscillates and is height-adjustable
  • Five-blade fan
  • LED display with remote controller
  • Quiet operation


  • Can be complicated to assemble

If you already have an AC unit, then adding a portable air conditioner would be futile. Instead, get a powerful electric fan to circulate the cool air around the room. The Midea pedestal stand fan receives multiple accolades from buyers for its quiet and reliable operation. Control the oscillation with the included remote and easily set the speed and timer via the LED display. In slumberous wind mode, the fan sweeps the room with a muted breeze, say reviews. It's cooling enough to do away with the AC sometimes, too. See more electric fans.

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5. Best Eye Mask: Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Dr Sharifi tells us that eye masks may improve the quality of sleep, per studies. "I've been using a silk sleep mask myself, and it's been very helpful even though we don't have blackout curtains," she said. Alaska Bear's mulberry silk mask cools the eyes enough to soothe migraines. Reviewers report back a cooling sensation similar to that of a gel, saying that the mask keeps chilled on the face for hours. The adjustable strap stays put even for the most restless sleepers.

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6. Best Mattress Topper: Panda The Topper Gel-Infused Memory Foam

If you'd rather stick to your existing sheets, try a mattress topper that's stuffed with a temperature-regulating hydro foam. Panda's topper has minute capsules of cooling gel in the memory foam, which keep your body from overheating. Its bamboo cover is just the cherry on top, being hypoallergenic, antibacterial and silky to the touch. The topper has elastic straps on each corner for a sturdy, immovable grip. Reviewers who are hot sleepers love that it keeps them cool, even on the warmest nights. Others suffering from hot flashes also drop five-star reviews.

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7. Best Blackout Curtains: TTS Curtains (Blackout 100%)

Designed to insulate against the summer heat, the TTS blackout curtains lock in your AC cooling. They block 100 per cent of sunlight, cloaking the room in pitch-black darkness and cutting down on your energy bills. This set of two drapes arrives with 1.6-inch eyelets to fit standard rods, and the buyer can pick from the available widths and heights. Reviewers find the blackout opacity to be true, helping them wake up well-rested in the mornings. They dampen noise leaking in from the windows as well.

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