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Our curated gift list has your back if you're going Christmas shopping at the eleventh hour. Image Credit: Unsplash/Jornada Produtora

Greet Christmas with a blinding smile and an incredulous gasp from your loved one, as they unwrap a thoughtful present from you. Haven't had the time to pick out one? Panic not. Thanks to convenient speedy delivery from Amazon, your holiday gifts are merely a click away.

To truly touch the hearts of family and friends, think of their New Year's resolutions, plans and upcoming activities. The best thoughtful present will be aligned with their goals and make life easier for them. If a teen is moving to college, gift them a useful cooking appliance; and if someone is resolved to better their sleeping habits next year, get them a pair of sleep-friendly buds.

Editor's tip
Amazon's holiday deals are still on, which means you can browse potential gifts from a wide range of categories and get up to 70 per cent off.

Our options below are helpful everyday items, carefully picked with their shipping dates in mind so that they get to you before December 25. Remember, the sooner you order through Amazon Prime, the less squeezed for time you'll be. You might want to check out other holiday deals while you're at it.

1. Best Sleeping Earbuds: Anker Soundcore Life A2


  • Insert, twist and lock for a secure fit
  • Active noise cancellation that has different modes
  • Soundcore app allows customisation
  • Up to 35 hours of battery life, with charging case


  • Might not be comfortable for side sleepers

We all know someone who struggles with sleep, whether it's because of a snoring partner or stress. According to a sleep medicine specialist we previously spoke to, listening to relaxing music or white noise can help the brain reach a pre-sleep stage faster. Discrete earbuds like the Anker Soundcore Life A2 can even actively cancel noise to block out disturbing sounds for the light sleeper. They come with ear fins to keep them locked inside the ears and have been worn by reviewers to bed for audiobooks, masking snoring and meditation. A single charge will give them seven hours of listening time, just enough to help a loved one stay asleep through the night. There's no discomfort, note buyers, unless your recipient is primarily a side sleeper. If they are, you'll have better luck with the wraparound headband headphones.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh18 and two years for Dh25.

2. Best for Solo Cooks: Philips Digital Rice Cooker


  • 10 cooking menu options for rice and multigrains
  • Makes soup, cake and porridge, besides rice
  • Keeps warm for up to 24 hours
  • Large 1.8-litre capacity


  • Can take 45 minutes to prepare rice

Cooked rice at home opens up several dinner options that are healthier and cheaper than takeout. Great for those who live alone or will be moving out soon, a rice cooker is a wonder appliance, perhaps, even more so than an air fryer. The Philips' 1.8-litre Digital Rice Cooker prepares white, brown and sushi rice, alongside programmes for soup, cake and porridge. TikTok is teeming with one-pot meal ideas whipped up in this modest appliance, and all that's needed is chopping up vegetables before you set the timer. The best part is that it keeps your food warm for up to 24 hours, so lunch and dinner are an easy affair. The rice cooker gets rave reviews for its large capacity, durable quality and lots of customisation options.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for Dh18 and two years for Dh25.

3. Best Grooming Kit: Gillette Labs Heated Razor For Men Starter Kit


  • Two heat settings
  • Heats up instantly with a button
  • Magnetic charger
  • Five-blade razor head


  • Handle may be thicker than regular razors

Nobody loves a cold shave, and we're sure your partner doesn't, either. Switch up their grooming game with a heated razor that delivers the soothing warmth of a hot towel shave in every stroke. Gillette Labs' first heated razor in the world comes with a stainless steel warming bar. Press the button, and the razor heats up in less than a second - users also get to pick between two levels of heat based on their comfort. It's fully waterproof, ready to be used in the shower or the sink, and lasts up to six shaves on a single charge. Once the battery runs out, fix it onto the magnetic charging stand. According to reviews, the five-blade razor gives a close, comfortable shave. It's also been a frequent choice of Christmas gift.

Bonus: Buy with 0% instalments and pay Dh55.49 for 12 months with select banks.

4. Best Skincare Set: Aesop Industrious Gift Kit

Hand care is underrated, especially when you think about that one person in your life who mostly works with their hands. Mums are going to love an Industrious Gift Kit from the popular high-end skincare brand Aesop. Its viral hand balm is part of the collection, which includes a hand wash and a rinse-free gel wash for on the go. All three products feature a trio of key ingredients: mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas. You end up with the pleasant scent of botanicals and rich, long-lasting hydration for labour-wearied hands and cuticles. Reviewers reserve the kit for special occasions or invest in it regularly as a way of self-pampering. 

5. Best Tumbler: Owala FreeSip Water Bottle

Give Stanley cups a break, and look into Owala for tumblers that don't leak, even when tipped upside down. Mums on TikTok are a huge fan of these, with toddlers around, for good reason. The 32-ounce FreeSip insulated bottle keeps drinks icy for up to 24 hours, and it's a fantastic choice for fitness enthusiasts, hikers and outdoor adventurers because of its two-way spout. You can sip through the built-in hidden straw or tilt the bottle back for a swig. Lock and unlock the lid with an easy push button, and then toss it into a bag worry-free. Reviewers vouch for the leak-proof lid, which stays closed even if you drop it. They've also felt more motivated to keep hydrated throughout the day.

6. Best Tech Gift: Echo Pop


  • Sensitive microphone for picking up voice commands easily
  • Sets alarms, plays music, creates list and recites the Holy Quran
  • Space-efficient speaker
  • Performs smart home routines
  • Alexa speaks and understands Arabic


  • Wired

The newly released Echo Pop is an affordable tech gift that everyone's going to love. It's an Alexa-operated Bluetooth speaker, smaller than existing Echo iterations but just as responsive to voice commands. The device turns any room into a smart space, especially if your loved one has smart plugs, lights or a thermostat. Not only does it play music from various apps, but it also sets alarms, checks the weather, recites the Holy Quran, and creates to-do lists. Users can holler commands from a distance, without lifting a finger. Reviewers also add that there's a lot that can be done with the Echo Pop, even if you don't have a smart home.

7. Best Tote: Bellroy Tokyo Wonder Tote

Don't underestimate the functionality of a good tote. If they're travelling soon or simply looking for a comfortable work bag, wrap up the Bellroy Tokyo Wonder Tote. These bags are back in fashion and widely popular for fitting essentials on a commute, including a 14-inch laptop and a water bottle. It has soft-edge webbing handles and a pass-through sleeve for the trolley luggage. Unlike most totes, this one can be zipped shut to keep your belongings safe and offers organised pockets in the front and the back for smaller items. Reviewers love that the fabric is water-resistant and sustainable. It also sits up without slouching on the floor and is comfortable to wear.

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