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Whether your hair is chemically treated or naturally frizzy, there are surefire ways of controlling unruly locks with the right products. Image Credit: Shutterstock

For most of us, a bad hair day means a battle fought and lost with frizz. As we head into the summer months, such days will come along more often, hand in hand with hair's sworn nemesis - humidity. Don't put up your hands just yet. Puffy locks, no matter what the weather app says, are preventable, as long as you have the right anti-frizz routine under your belt.

Before we get into the products to tame a frazzled mane, let's hear from our experts on why our hair gets frizzy in the first place, and what frizz-control hair care can look like.

Why does my hair get frizzy?

If you were to study a frizzy hair strand under the microscope, you'd find open cuticles, rather than a smoothed down and flat outer layer. Michael Ryan, a trichologist at the holistic medical centre Wellth in Dubai, explains that these raised cuticles give frizzy hair its coarse texture.

As for why this happens, the cause differs from person to person. "Your hair could be naturally frizzy, in which case you'll have to be careful with the hair products you choose. Frizz can also be caused by chemical processes and damage to the hair, like straightening and colouring.

"Or, you could be living in a hot climate, where dehydration can make the hair swell up, causing the cuticles to open up," said Ryan, who has over two decades of experience.

It's little wonder then that in humid environments, dry hair will try to soak up as much moisture as possible, only to puff up the locks. While all hair types, including straight, can have their cuticles ruffled, Ryan says thick, curly hair is more prone to frizziness.

How can I tame frizzy hair?

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Adding enough moisture to the hair will prevent it from seeking hydration from the air. Image Credit: Pexels

Your main weapon against frizz is moisture. So, the key to keeping cuticles smooth is ensuring your strands have enough hydration. Ryan said: "Use more moisturising products because you will need to get the water into the hair shaft and retain it there. A good shampoo will add water and a conditioner will close down the cuticle layer to lock it in."

Doina Chiper, a Dubai-based hair artist at Sisters Beauty Lounge, uses Kerastase's frizz-control range Discipline on her clients, as well as a sun protectant cream and hair mask. "To avoid frizz, it's very important to keep the hair hydrated. You could do a professional anti-frizz treatment at the salon, but you can also use products at home. I see great results from Kerastase on my clients," said Chiper.

Besides shampoo, conditioner and heat protectants, you could also look into bond-building treatments. Emma Williamson, branch manager at Tara Rose Salon in Abu Dhabi, and a pro hairdresser for 14 years, speaks from her own struggle with her fine, frizzy tresses.

Williamson finds that the structural protein, keratin, tames frizz considerably. "We use a bond-building treatment by Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix's Tame range, which repairs the inside as well as the outside of the hair. I personally use their booster once a week to nourish my hair, alongside their shampoo and conditioner," she said.

Some quick lifestyle changes can go a long way to prevent frizz, too. Williamson has noticed a huge difference in her hair texture since installing a shower filter. In the same vein, Ryan suggests simple tips:

  • Apply as little heat as possible when styling
  • Don't rub your hair when shampooing
  • Always pat hair dry
  • Wear hats in the summer months

Never have a bad hair day again with our experts' favourite anti-frizz products below, including Amazon's best-rated items. Order with Prime to get them delivered to you as soon as today.

1. Best Shampoo: Kérastase Discipline Smoothing and Anti-Frizz Shampoo

Kerastase Discipline's Bain Fluidealiste is a smoothing and anti-frizz shampoo, formulated specially for unruly or chemically-treated hair. What transforms frizz into soft, manageable locks, is its sulfate-free ingredients list, which contains moisturising ceramides and a protein complex called morpho-keratine. Only a coin-sized amount of this creamy gel is needed in every wash to restore the hair fibre and leave your tresses with a glossy finish. Reviewers with most hair types, from curly and treated hair to thin and frizzy locks, leave five stars. They love that even with added hydration, their hair never feels weighed down, and it visibly improves flyaways.

2. Best Treatment: Schwarzkopf Fibre Clinix Tame Treatment Masque

Here's a hair mask you can use once a week for long-lasting results. The Fibre Clinix Tame Treatment works on all hair types to eliminate frizz and nourish coarse tresses. With its anti-frizz technology, which contains proteolipids, bond-repairing ingredients and smoothing ceramide, the hair becomes easier to detangle and less prone to frizz. Since it's a mask, the cream goes on for up to 10 minutes on washed, damp hair and is then rinsed. Williamson loves adding a few pumps of the Fibre Clinix Tame Booster to intensify the effects of the mask.

3. Best Sun Hair Cream: Kerastase Soleil Crème UV Sublime, White

A must-have in your summer hair routine, the Kerastase leave-in sun cream is Chiper's pick. It works like a heat protectant but against UV (ultraviolet) exposure, chlorine, salt, sand and humidity. All of these summer aggressors disrupt the hair cuticles easily. So, if you're travelling this season, apply a generous amount of this moisturising cream on dry or wet hair, to keep frizz at bay for up to 24 hours. Each application will leave your tresses smelling of jasmine and solar tuberose, no matter what summer activity you're immersed in. Reviewers use it on beach or pool days, and even while on holiday, who say that the vitamin E cream is not too greasy nor sticky, yet still hydrates the hair all day long.

4. Best Heat Protectant: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Expert Selection Heat Protection Spray

According to Ryan, there's always going to be a tradeoff when it comes to heat styling. Flat irons, curlers and blow dryers will do some damage to the hair, but luckily, heat protectant sprays minimise the negative effects, including frizz. TRESemmé's Keratin Smooth Heat Protect spray creates a shield around the strands for 72 hours, withstanding high temperatures of up to 230 degrees Celsius. It contains marula oil and keratin proteins to add shine and strengthen the locks. TRESemmé advises blow-drying with the nozzle pointing downwards so as not to disturb the cuticles. Even those with curls attest to the spray's frizz control properties.

5. Best Hair Serum: Milk_Shake Glistening Serum

For an extra measure, go over your heat style with this hair serum by Milk_Shake. Made with natural oils and vitamins, the Glistening Serum even doubles as a heat protectant against thermal styling tools. This is thanks to the Crambe Abyssinian oil that seals hydration into the hair shaft and creates a protective barrier over it. There's also date seed extract to smooth out any texture and eliminate frizz. Many reviewers with dyed hair say it's calmed their flyaways instantly. 

6. Best for Humidity: Color Wow Dreamcoat Supernatural Spray

Imagine humidity-proofing your hair with a single product. The Color Wow Dream Coat is a lightweight spray that features heat-activated polymers to compress, tighten and seal hair strands against frizz and moisture loss. It's meant to go on as an 'invisible cloak' that lasts for three days or until your next wash day. But, remember, the leave-in spray needs a blow dryer or a heat tool to activate the sealant. Reviewers have laid down their baby hairs and even frizz in fine hair in humid weather.

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