There are plenty of products to ensure your baby is safe, and many of them are easy to install around the house. Image Credit: Shutterstock

You’d be surprised at how curious babies and toddlers can be. Once they're able to get around on all fours, or on two unsteady feet, their newly developing brains work overtime as they actively try to open every cupboard, drawer, and box in the house. Ensure your home is a space safe for your adventurous little ones, and secure your rooms, kitchens, and living areas with our curated list of babyproofing basics, all of which have great reviews. Don’t forget, you can avail Amazon Prime’s one-day delivery to get your products shipped in a jiffy.

Here is our curated list of baby-proofing basics you need for your home:

1. Best Overall: Safety 1st Essentials Child Proofing Kit (46 Pieces) 

With four grip-and-twist door knob covers, twelve grip latches and 30 socket protectors, this Safety 1st Essentials kit is the perfect way to start your babyproofing journey. Reviewers recommend it as useful gift for baby showers, with many saying the pieces are so sturdy and safe, even adults have to use a little force to pry them out of their place. However, it’s worth getting only if you have round doorknobs around the house – some of these pieces won’t work on door levers.

2. Best Edge Protector: HOMREALM Edge Protector Strip, Clear, 3m 

Tables – from coffee tables to desks – usually have sharp corners, and are the first objects parents try to babyproof. HOMREALM’s edge protector makes this job easy. Its thick tape is clear, and maintains your design aesthetic, while still providing a soft impact point for children who are unsteady on their feet. The fact that the tape is flexible and molds to any object shape is also a major bonus, according to reviewers, who also attest to its strong adhesive, which sticks right on to furniture on the first application.

3. Best Corner Guards: Yinkin Baby Corner Protectors, 24 Pieces 

Extremely easy to use, these corner guards by Yinkin are clear, bite-resistant, and made of quality PVC and safe materials. They work on a variety of surfaces, from wood to glass and marble, so you can use them on virtually any sharp corner without spoiling your furniture’s aesthetic. Their quick, peel-and-stick design gives you the ability to get the corner guards set up within a minute. Fast and efficient!

4. Best Plug Cover: BaBy Laughs Store Plug Socket Covers, 24 Pack 

Babyproofing plug covers prevent your curious children from poking their fingers into electrical sockets. This pack of 24 plug covers ensures children’s safety from electrical hazards. All you have to do is simply fit it into any unused socket. The plug covers are perfect for households in the UAE, as they are made for three-pin plug points. They’re durable, weatherproof and have anti-grip edges so you can rest easy that your child is secure.

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5. Best Latches: Oxlay Childproof Latches, 6-Pack

You can easily prevent accidents at home by attaching these adhesive safety locks to any surface, such as wood, metal, plastic, or glass. All you have to do to ensure your child’s safety is to peel off the stickers and fix the latches onto the surface. The ends of the safety locks have two squares, which provide additional safety, and can be adjusted based on the width of the area you're working with. As an adult, you can open the latch with one hand but it is quite challenging for a baby to figure how to unlock it. These baby safety latches can even be used on toilet seats!

6. Best Cabinet Locks: ROTOPATA Baby Proofing Magnetic Cabinet Locks, 20 Pack 

The ‘invisible’ design of these magnetic cabinet locks makes them seamlessly blend in, and they are hardly noticeable to children. These are magnetic locks that are specially made to prevent your children from opening cabinets and drawers in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. They are easy to install - just peel the cover off the adhesive surface and attach the lock inside the drawer or cabinet door. You can only open it with a magnetic key that you can attach to a wall or refrigerator, far from your child’s reach. And if you lose the key, don't worry, any strong magnet can work to disengage the lock.

7. Best Gate: Safety Baby Gate

You don’t need to constantly keep an eye on your baby when you are busy in the kitchen or living room as long as they are kept within the boundaries of their baby gate. The baby gate is suitable to fit on doors, entrances, or even stairs that have a width of 75 cm to 84 cm. The baby gate comes with an additional 20 cm extension railing. It is easy to install, does not require tools, and does not cause any damage to the walls - something that reviewers appreciate. This baby gate has a magnetic lock that locks it automatically from both sides. The gate is made of steel, so it is durable and safe to use. The double safety lock of the baby gate prevents your little one from opening the door themselves.

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