Portable projectors are great for outdoor movie viewing, on-the-go business presentations, or just a break from your television. Image Credit: Unsplash/Alex Litvin

Are you excited to catch James Bond in action in his latest movie, or planning to binge on old episodes of The Office? You can count on portable projectors to give you the ‘big screen’ feel at home. Even better, gather your friends and family and enjoy a movie night outdoors. Besides popcorn, all you need for a perfect movie night is a portable projector, a plain white wall (or a projection screen) and an electrical outlet. Catch up with the latest movies and TV shows using our recommended portable projectors. Don’t forget, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can get one-day free delivery on most of these devices.

1. FunLites Portable Video Projector

Who’s it for?

For people on a budget, the FunLites Portable Video Projector is great for watching movies, TV shows, doing karaoke or viewing live sports.

What’s the best part?

The FunLites Portable Video Projector is one Amazon’s bestselling portable projectors. It has a high dynamic contrast ratio of 3000:1, emits a brightness of 145 lumens and has an image resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. If you want to watch it indoors, mount the projector to the ceiling or just place it on a table – the video can be projected on a maximum screen size of 200 inches. The FunLites projector has 5-watt speakers and a surround sound system. Its cooling system, with heat dispersion, reduces noise levels by 80% and makes the sound more audible.

Warranty: 3-year warranty offered by the seller

Weight: 1.3 kgs

Dimensions: 30.1 x 19.5 x 11 cm

2. Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini Projector 

Who’s it for?

The Nebula Capsule II is perfect for outdoor screening at all your late-night hangouts.

What’s the best part?

The digital light processing (DLP) technology of the Nebula Capsule II projects a 720p native resolution, a 200-ANSI-lumen image up to 100 inches in size, and a high quality of sound. You can customize your Capsule II with over 3,600 Android TV applications, including YouTube, Amazon Prime, and so on, and use Google Assistant to give voice commands. The projector’s battery lasts up to 2.5 hours straight, making it ideal to watch movies in one sitting. Furthermore, you can connect wirelessly with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Chromecast or through HDMI or USB ports.

Bonus: You can buy it with 0% interest installments from select banks, and pay Dh133.25 for 12 months.

Weight: 720 grams

Dimensions: ‎8 x 8 x 15 cm

3. Viewsonic M1 Mini Plus Pocket Projector 

Who’s it for?

For anyone who is on a family vacation or on a business trip, this portable projector is great for showcasing movies, as well as for formal presentations to clients. Its sound quality is also optimal for small spaces.

What’s the best part?

The Viewsonic M1 mini plus is lightweight and convenient to carry around anywhere. It comes with a lanyard and swappable plates, A to micro USB cable, and a remote control. You can connect your Viewsonic M1 Mini Plus to Wi-Fi and leverage the Bluetooth of the in-built JBL speakers of the device. You can keep yourself entertained until the battery drains out after 2.5 hours. With 120 lumens, this device has 854 x 480 pixels, widescreen resolution and auto adjustment features for better picture focus.

Weight: 272.16 grams

Dimensions: ‎10.92 x 10.92 x 2.79 cm

4. Vamvo Movie Projector 

Who’s it for?

The Vamvo movie projector is ideal for cinephiles, and gaming enthusiasts who can play video games by pairing their Playstations, X-Box ONE or Wii to the projector.

What’s the best part?

The Vamvo projector has a 50- to 200-inch projection size with 5 to 20 feet projection distance. It supports 1080p Full HD with 720p native resolution. Thanks to its Dolby Digital Plus Consumer Decoder, the sound quality is great for outdoors. The device is also equipped with multiple ports, including HDMI, USB, audio and AV interfaces, making it convenient to view videos from all sources and across all formats.

Weight: 907.18 grams

Dimensions: ‎18.29 x 14.22 x 7.62 cm

5. BenQ GV1 Wireless Mini Portable Projector 

Who’s it for?

The BenQ GV1 portable projector is compact in size and easy to set up. It can be used in the kitchen to watch recipe videos and up your cooking game, or even at the gym, where you can watch and follow your favourite high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. The projector also works well for gaming, and for watching videos and movies.

What’s the best part?

The projector has a 3-hour battery-life, making it perfect for the duration of an entire movie and several TV show episodes. BenQ GV1 has a brightness of 200 ANSI Lumens, a 480p resolution and an auto vertical keystone correction feature. The projector has a convenient tilting hinge that can display a 100-inch image over a height of 30 inches from where the GV1 is placed. It is wireless and has its own Wi-Fi hotspot to stream from other devices. The projector includes a 5-watt Bluetooth speaker, built-in Aptoide TV Apps for video streaming fun, and a 30,000-hour LED lifespan.

Bonus: You can buy it with 0% interest installments from select banks, and pay Dh83.25 for 12 months.

Warranty: Amazon offers a 1-year extended warranty for Dh50 and a two-year extended warranty for Dh70.

6. Xiaomi XM300003 Mi Smart Projector Mini 

Who’s it for?

The diffuse reflection imaging of the projector minimises visual fatigue, and makes the viewing experience comfortable for children, the middle-aged, as well as elderly people.

What’s the best part?

Xiaomi Mi Smart Projector boasts 1920 × 1080 full HD resolution and is compatible with 4K resolution visuals. The projector comes with a highly sensitive camera that helps autofocus images to ensure sharpness and clarity. You can also adjust the shape of projected images with keystone correction. Moreover, the projector uses dual-track virtual surround sound stereo and supports Dolby and DTS decoding. There is a smart remote for the projector that is integrated with Google Assistant and can respond to voice commands. The Xiaomi Mi can be shipped by Amazon for an additional delivery fee of Dh10.

Bonus: You can buy it with 0% interest installments from select banks and pay Dh166.58 for 12 months.

Warranty: Amazon offers a 1-year extended warranty for Dh100 and a two-year extended warranty for Dh140.

Weight: 1.3kg

Dimensions:‎ 15 x 11.5 x 15 cm

7. Lejiada Portable Projector

Who’s it for?

This device is great for movie buffs who want to watch movies outdoors. Since the projector does not refract strong light, it is also great for children who want to take online classes or enjoy cartoons.

What’s the best part?

The lightweight Lejiada projector supports visuals with a 1920 x 1080p resolution, and screens visuals between 26 inches to 100 inches, with a projection distance of 1.5 metre to 5 metres. The projector comes with built-in speakers but can also connect to external speakers. Like FunLites Portable Projector, the Lejiada movie projector is equipped with a cooling system with heat dispersion, as well as noise suppression technology, which cuts fan sound in half.

Warranty: One-year warranty offered by the seller

Weight: 500 grams

Dimensions:‎ 13.34 x 11.78 x 9.49 cm

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