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Have your say: Happiness

A recent American study claimed that happier kids turn into richer adults. Do you agree?

07 Gulf News

A recent American study claimed that the happier you are as a teenager, the more likely you are to earn more as an adult.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences looked at the ability of teenagers to express positive emotions in school and returned to find out their financial situation 10 years later. The findings? The happiest of the lot earned up to $8,000 (Dh29,380) more than their pessimistic counterparts.

This week, we put this finding to debate. Here are the statements that will be raised:

• Happier people are more likely to be rich.
• People who constantly smile are considered pushovers.
• Problem solving is easier when you have a serious disposition.
• Happiness cannot be taught, it is a natural instinct.



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I dont agree with this point of view, sometimes happier kids turn to rich due to rare reasons for example child participating in lucky draws, school scholarships, differnt programs & events finally they win & will turn out as rich. it is nothing but luck they may turn to rich. nowadays without studies nothing is going out to work in real world, as far as kids are concerned they are small, so they dont earn without work. child labour is one of the case differnt from this subject, which is against fundamental rules & which is restricted in different countries. in that case some may become rich through illegalwork like child labour etc.

Humneth Humza

22 January 2013 09:58jump to comments

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