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Rash driving root cause of accidents

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Rash driving root cause of accidents

Tailgating is rampant in the UAE (“Sunday traffic: Accidents, delays and broken-down cars”, Gulf News, January 15). While the RTA has taken measures to minimise this and ensure the safety of motorists, some motorists still do not seem to care about the danger they are putting themselves, their loved ones, and, others on the road in. I have witnessed tailgating accidents, and have experienced tailgating myself. While all tailgating contexts are dangerous, some motorists tailgate multiple vehicles on the fast lane during rush hour traffic, when every vehicle is driving at a speed the traffic and speed regulations permit them to. While everyone gets frustrated and impatient when stuck in traffic, tailgating during such times is not only dangerous, but also perplexing. What is the intention of the tailgater? Their intention is to make every vehicle get off the fast lane so that they can afford the luxury of their own private lane. Tailgating has a dangerous ripple effect and motorists need to be educated more on the dangers of tailgating and the importance of maintaining a safe distance. We need to come to the realisation ourselves that our lives and the lives of those around us are far more important than anything that makes us impatient or makes us want to tailgate or drive rashly.

From Ms Aroushi Malhotra


Need a real leader

It is beyond doubt that celebrity Oprah Winfrey is a phenomenal orator and people are longing for that eloquence that has been missing in recent months (“5 of 10 think Oprah shouldn’t run for President”, Gulf News, January 11). However, I feel like she would do a better job focusing her remarkable talent to getting a qualified person elected. Yes, she has accomplished a lot in her life and deservingly managed to stir Twitter users with her moving speech. However, the qualification for running the largest most complex bureaucracy in the world, dealing with internal threats to the US and global security, requires more than just being a celebrated celebrity and a media businessperson. Undoubtedly, she is smarter than Trump and does not racially profile people. However, as we are learning, the US Presidency is not a place of talk show hosts or reality TV stars; it needs someone who has some taste of political experience. One would argue that Ronald Reagan was a former actor prior to being elected as President, but let us not forget that he also served as the Governor of California prior to that. Democrats need to remember that the White House is not an extension of the entertainment business.

From Ms Asma Ali


Medical negligence is unacceptable

Without a doubt, the increasing cases of medical negligence, exorbitant costs and unethical practices in private hospitals in India are coming to light, and it is high time their sector is regulated and made accountable. Last year, during my foreign tour, I accidentally fell down and received a hairline fracture in my wrist, which was immediately put into a cast in that country. Since we had to return to India before 21 days, the doctor advised us to have it looked at in India. On our return, when we went to an orthopedic surgeon in Chennai, without even looking at the x-ray, he asked if I have medical insurance and when I told him he said surgery is the only option to rectify my injury and also directed us to go to a particular hospital. However, thankfully, when we contacted our family doctor, he advised us to take a second opinion and referred us to a doctor known to him.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


Just minting money

While the transport employees in Tamil Nadu, India, were on the streets for getting their periodical hike in salary, it is a real shocker that the state’s chief minister had tabled a bill for doubling the salaries of elected representatives in the state, that too with retrospective effect. While the transport employees have got an average increase of 10 per cent, each year, the chief minister has tabled a bill for a higher percentage of increase to the Members of Parliament (MLAs). It is a shame that these elected representatives, without even a drop of sweat, are getting a higher increase in their salary and this is denying even a fraction of increase to the transport employees! Ironically, this attitude of the government has given a free hand for the private bus owners to fleece the helpless passengers in the state.

From Mr N. Viswanathan


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