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Community report issue investigated

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Community report issue investigated

With regards to the reader’s concern about the overflowing of the underground waste water storages at Al Muwaileh commercial area, Sharjah City Municipality’s Drainage Department has dispatched a team to the site to investigate the issue on April 4, 2017 and the team found this issue had been solved and there were no traces of overflowing waste water (‘Overflowing water a cause for concern’, Gulf News, May 8). Sharjah City Municipality contacted the concerned building management and found that the building had receipts for regular sewage withdrawal from a specialised company. The municipality issued a warning to the building management to adhere to its applicable rules and regulations in this regard and avoid any recurrence of such incidents.

From the Sharjah Municipality



Continuous effort needed

The UAE needs to continuously work on furthering wheelchair accessibility (‘Community report in-depth: Wheelchair accessibility: Is it enough?’, Gulf News, May 9). Many inclines are too steep to use. There are ramps that are not in line with international standards for wheelchair bound persons.

From Ms Cecilia Zapata


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It takes only one

What a beautiful woman with a pure soul! I wish her well in her struggle and endeavour to try and make the world wheelchair friendly. It only takes one very brave person.

From Ms Linda Bailouni


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A role model

She is a role model for so many. I wish God to bless everyone with such a positive attitude. Keep up

the good work!

From Mr Navin Kalra


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Abandoned in a divorce

The case of the 12-year-old boy who was abandoned by his parents when they divorced is tragic (‘Wudeema law helps in four child neglect indictments in Sharjah’, Gulf News, May 6). It brought tears to my eyes when I read the narrative of Ahmad Al Tartoor of the Sharjah Social Services Department. The poor little boy has to go through all this suffering and humiliation for absolutely no fault of his. He didn’t ask his parents to bring him into this world!

Children are God’s greatest gift. Ask anyone who does not or cannot have children. We as parents have a moral responsibility to take care of every need of our offspring, be it physical, psychological, emotional or social. Couples should understand the enormity of the task they are going to undertake once and when they decide to have children. They should realise that a precious life is going to be completely dependent on them and their priorities must change the moment a child enters their lives. They cannot make the child a victim to their whims and fancies.

From Ms Sajida Kamal

Abu Dhabi

Supporting the Year of Giving

It is an experience to leaf through Gulf News (‘Shah Rukh Khan visits children hospital in Dubai’, Gulf News, May 9). The report on Shah Rukh Khan’s visit in the Children Hospital in Dubai makes me so happy. Khan is not only a silver screen hero, but also a hero in real life. Supporting the UAE’s Year of giving, he visited the paediatric hospital and enquired into their well-being. He was so fascinated by the visit in the modern hospital established under the directive of the Ruler of Dubai.

From Mr Sunny Joseph

Mala, India

Effective uses

If only people understood the uses of cow dung and the effectiveness of recycling this resource (‘Rajasthan dairy farmers selling cow dung cakes on Amazon’, Gulf News, May 8). Set aside the religious purposes for it, the uses are extremely beneficial.

From Mr Abhini Vinay


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A substitute

Cow dung is used in many countries for different purposes. The reason is that the poor people don’t have money to build concrete houses. If you go and visit poor villages, you will find its many uses.

From Mr Laxmi Patel

London, UK

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