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Money drain to a closed credit card

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I had an outstanding amount of Dh720 on my Mashreq Bank card. However, I mistakenly paid this amount to my other Mashreq card, which was discontinued by the bank a long time ago. To ensure the cancellation of this card, I called the bank and they assured me that it was cancelled. The bank however, did not return the amount to my savings account, from where I had paid it, and accepted the amount in a closed credit card. Since it was not returned to me, I did not know that it went to a wrong account. However, instead of settling it with my correct card or returning the amount to me, the bank charged me a late fee of Dh395. On approaching them, they transferred the amount to the correct account and offered me a 50 per cent reversal of late fees, to which I did not agree.

I request Gulf News to please intervene and help me get the refund of this amount.

From Mr Mukesh Goswami


The management of Mashreq responds:

Thank you for sharing the issue raised by one of our customers, Mr Goswami.

Our investigation reveals that Mr Goswami had paid the amount of Dh720 inadvertently on the cancelled credit card, which was transferred to the correct credit card upon his request, on November 20, 2017.

We would like to confirm that even if the credit card is cancelled, the customer can accumulate charges on the cancelled card due to various reason and they have the option to repay that amount on the cancelled card, therefore the system cannot identify if any payment done on the cancelled credit card was intended for an active card and the paid amount cannot be returned automatically to his/her account.

We have contacted Mr Goswami and educated him about the current system’s functionality. He is satisfied with the resolution provided by the bank.

We take this opportunity to thank Gulf News once again for bringing a customer issue to our notice.

Mr Goswani responds:

The bank reversed the late fees on December 19, after their confirmation call on December 18. This wouldn’t have happened without Gulf News’ intervention.

(Process initiation: December 18. Response from organisation: December 18. Reader confirmation: December 20.)

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