Video: New Zealand cops dance to Bollywood song
Video: New Zealand cops dance to Bollywood song Image Credit: Screengrab/Facebook

Indians on social media were left impressed today after a video of New Zealand cops shaking a leg to a Bollywood song went viral on Facebook and Twitter. On Thursday, the Indian High Commission to New Zealand and several Indian users tweeted a video that showed police officials in the country enthusiastically celebrating Diwali, the Indian festival of lights at the Wellington Police College.

The video was first shared by the Wellington Indian Association Inc. on Facebook, on Wednesday, with the caption: “Diwali at New Zealand Police College, thank you to Wellington Multicultural council for the invite. Wing 343 is an amazing, diverse group who bring amazing skill to the Police force.”

The clip shows the uniformed officers taking to the center stage at a Diwali event to dance to a medley of hit Bollywood songs, including Kala Chashma (Dark Glasses).

"Diwali has become such a popular festival in New Zealand," tweeted @IndiainNZ, the official Twitter account of the Indian High Commission to New Zealand.

New Zealand has several events to mark Diwali every year. The festival has also found official mention, with the country’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern taking to social media to wish people a happy Diwali.

Needless to say, Indians loved the performance and the energy of the police officials. Many praised their near-perfect Bollywood dance moves.

Tweep @ap141994 posted: “They all danced just so well! No discomfort or anything.”

And, @tPi2nXMA6qgnJaY tweeted: “Thank you very much, New Zealand Police, you celebrated our festival Diwali with so much pomp.”