An incredible video has emerged of a toddler being attacked by a dog before a cat intervenes and saves the day.

The CCTV footage charts the whole dramatic episode, which unfolds over less than a minute outside a house in Bakersfield, California. Scroll down to watch the full video.

It begins with the child playing innocently on his bike on the pavement near the front lawn of his home.

The footage then cuts to another camera, showing the dog, which has clearly spotted the youngster and is approaching fast.

As the child rides up the grass, the dog stalks him around the car and approaches from behind.

The canine then grabs the boy in its jaws...

...and begins to drag him into the middle of the lawn.

The boy looks in serious trouble, until a black cat emerges from the right of the shot.

The feline proceeds to launch itself at the dog, barging it away from the child.

Only then does a woman, apparently the boy’s mother, come running to check on the youngster, as the cat pursues the dog.

And eventually makes sure the attacker is far enough away to no longer pose a threat.

The boy still sustained a nasty injury, but it could have been so much worse.

Watch the full, dramatic video here: