Vazir Group specialises in providing immigration services to individuals and families who are interested in relocating to a new country through investment. We offer various investment programmes such as ICT, OINP, Caribbean citizenship programme, UAE Golden Visa… allowing investors to obtain permanent residency or citizenship in a foreign country in exchange for making a significant investment in the country’s economy.

We help clients navigate the complex legal and regulatory requirements involved in obtaining residency or citizenship through investment. This may involve providing guidance on investment options, assisting with the application process, and offering ongoing support and advice to clients as they settle into their new country.

We are one of the only immigration boutique firms that offers exclusive programmes such as PIP, Tech Programme, and OINP. We have direct links through the government administrators of programmes like OINP, which enables a candidate to expand their business in Canada through which they get a work permit or a PR. With the PIP programme, we have a 100 per cent success rate in delivering a Canadian PR to the clients and their families sitting in their home country.

What are the other benefits offered by Vazir Group? We provide a variety of financial support. We help clients identify investment opportunities that meet the requirements of the immigration programme they are interested in. Additionally, we accept payments through escrow accounts, and a flexible payment plan via installments. Our clients are informed at each step of the process and the transactions are carried out only after their clear consent.

Vazir Group believes in providing the finest services in the most convenient, effective and efficient way to the clients, while reducing the risk of losing money, and applying for the process of immigration without obstacles of payments.

Our team of experts is backed by years of experience that give you the most current and essential information you need to make an informed decision about the immigration process. They will also assist the clients in preparing and submitting their immigration application, including completing forms, gathering documentation, providing ongoing support and advice to clients throughout the immigration process and after they have obtained residency or citizenship.

We aim to provide a promising future to our clients in their desired location of immigration.