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The doctors sing to the patient in Egypt. Image Credit: YouTube screengrab

Abu Dhabi: An Egyptian patient was scheduled for surgery but became scared moments before her procedure.

Three doctors stepped in and sung a song for her to take her mind off the procedure.

The doctors were hailed as heroes after they sang the patient out of her fear before she was wheeled into the theatre.

The patient was a ball of nerves for a while as she thought of the worst-case scenarios.

But the docotrs had her back and used music to calm the patient down.

They sang a popular song by Egypt’s Mohamed Hamaki called ‘Don’t leave again’.

“With soothing voices, the doctors melodiously cared not only for the patient’s body, but they realised she also needed her mind and soul treated with love. So, they found a beautiful piece of common ground: song. The doctors went above and beyond to make sure their patient felt safe,” a social media user said.

Another user said: “They hold our hands at our weakest moments, sing with us when our hearts fret and smile with us when we feel better.”