The couple and other attendees dancing to a DJ’s tunes in Mohammad Ali Mosque in Cairo. Image Credit: Screengrab

Dubai: A wedding ceremony replete with dance and song was recently held inside the Mohammad Ali Mosque in Cairo, triggering social uproar.

Social media users widely circulated a video clip allegedly capturing the event in the courtyard of the mosque located within Salah Al Deen Castle.

The footage displayed attendees dancing to a DJ’s tunes, with some women appearing without head coverings, seemingly without regard for the religious sanctity of the venue.

Such actions within the mosque, a revered place of worship, drew sharp criticism from social media users.

They deemed it disrespectful, emphasising that mosques are sacred houses of God designated for worship and not for dancing or non-traditional celebrations.

The incident led to calls for legal action against the event organisers for purportedly violating the mosque’s sanctity. As of now, there was no official statements regarding the incident.

The Mohammad Ali Mosque stands as one of Egypt’s prominent historical and tourist landmarks. Its architectural design mirrors that of the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, constructed in 1616, and also bears resemblance to the Khalid bin Al Walid Mosque in Homs, Syria, especially in its overall structure, domes and minarets.