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Cairo: A Tunisian alcohol vendor, wanted by police, had thrown his two little children from the top of his house in an attempt to escape arrest, according to media reports.

Police headed to the man, wanted along with his 20-year-old son, in connection with selling alcohol without a licence and involvement in violent acts.

But security forces were surprised to find the man ascending to the roof of his house in the Tunisian governorate of Monastir and throwing solid objects at them, injuring three of them, reported Tunisian radio Jawhara FM.

Afterwards, the man threw his two children aged eight and four from a height of eight metres, causing one child to sustain severe injuries and a skull fracture, the radio added, quoting a legal official.

There was no news about the health condition of the second victim.

Police eventually arrested the father while his 20-year-old son is still at large.

The father, now in police custody, faces multiple charges including attempted premeditated murder, assaulting public employees, and illegal trade in alcohol.