Kharmasho gained widespread fame for his role in the popular series “Bab Al Hara”. Image Credit: Echorouk online paper

Dubai: Renowned Syrian actor Mohammad Kharmasho passed away at the age of 71 on Sunday, according to Syrian Artists Syndicate.

The Syndicate paid tribute to Kharmasho on its official Facebook page, expressing condolences to his family and fans. Kharmasho was laid to rest on Sunday afternoon in his hometown of Al Bahluliya in the Latakia countryside.

Born in 1952 in Damascus, Kharmasho made significant contributions to the Syrian arts scene. He became a member of the Syndicate of Artists in 1985 when he was just 33. Kharmasho is celebrated also for his contributions to dubbing animated and cinematic films, including the famous Turkish series “Noor”.

He gained widespread fame for his role in the popular series “Bab Al Hara”, where he portrayed the character of “Abu Hassan” across five seasons. His character, a courageous rebel who defended Syria against French occupation, resonated strongly with audiences.

Kharmasho’s final dramatic appearance was in the series “Bab Al Murad”, directed by Fahad Meri.

Kharmasho’s death comes in less than three weeks after the Syrian Artists Syndicate mourned the the passing of well-known actor Mohammad Kanou, who died at the age of 49 after suffering a heart attack.