United Nations: Egypt accused Qatar on Thursday of adopting a “pro-terrorist” policy that violated United Nations Security Council resolutions and described it as “shameful” that the 15-member body had not held Qatar accountable.

Egyptian Deputy UN Ambassador Ehab Awad Mustafa made the remarks after the Security Council adopted a resolution to renew sanctions on Daesh and Al Qaida.

“It’s crucial for the Security Council to make these countries that don’t respect these resolutions accountable,” Mustafa told the council. “For example, the adoption by the Qatar regime of a pro-terrorist policy.”

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain boycotted Qatar last month, saying the gas-rich Gulf state financed terrorists throughout the region.

Mustafa told the council that Qatar “believes that the economic interests and the different political orientations will protect them from any accountability vis-a-vis the Security Council because it has violated the resolutions of the council.” “That shameful situation cannot continue,” he said.

“This council’s resolutions must be effective, they must stop any violation.”